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  1. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Ealing Rd Momento

    I was going to do this at Christmas but with the international break now upon us I thought it might give us something other than Covid and the last two performances to talk about. So, I am fortunate to have some Ealing Rd memorabilia in my possession. Small, but perfectly formed, pieces of the...
  2. Andy_Mc_is_God


    Anyone remember getting eggs thrown at us on the terrace behind the goal at Vicarage Rd in the 70’s.
  3. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Champions of All Five Division Titles ???

    A question for the 'statos' out there .... Has any club been fortunate enough to win all five Football League Division Titles? Just talking about those magnificent 'old' 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 3rd Div S (or N) trophies and not including that gaudy bauble that is the PL tin pot.
  4. Andy_Mc_is_God

    FA Cup R5: Bees v ????? Wednesday 4th March 2020

    With our easy-peasy 4th Round tie being a virtual bye I'm excitedly looking forward to the 5th Round. A bit surprised it's on a Wednesday but isn't it nice of the FA to give us another evening game at GP? Such a nice bunch of chaps. ;)
  5. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Bees v Nottm Forest (H). NOW Tues 28 Jan 2020 7:45pm

    Really looking forward to this one. Having dispatched the neighbours and Huddersfield (touch wood) I’m confident this will be the game where anyone that wasn’t paying attention suddenly realises that we are a real threat that isn’t going away. Apart from us being the far superior side also in...
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