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  1. Frothybaby

    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    Lovely to see him have such a good 2nd half. Also his celebration when the final whistle went. :hat:
  2. Frothybaby

    Final Score Bees 3 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday (Mbeumo, Ghoddos, MBS)

    I used to like Brian Moore's commentating. Not guessing what the manager thinks or what should have happened. Nothing wrong with silence from a commentator. I don't like having the ex-pro's included either. They seem to do more and more talking. Awful irritating accents as well.
  3. Frothybaby

    Emiliano Marcondes - Signs to June 2021

    He gets in good positions. Should have done better with the chances he has had this season, but interesting to see how close he is to the ball when we have scored some of our goals this season. This would indicate that if the scorer did something wrong, he would have had the chance to take...
  4. Frothybaby

    Bees v Stoke predictions....

    Didn't at our place last season.
  5. Frothybaby

    Tariqe Fosu - Signs to June 2023

    Not much seemed to work for him last night. He can make up for it on Saturday! :)
  6. Frothybaby

    B team fixtures

    Yes, but not far off returning.
  7. Frothybaby

    B team fixtures

    Any new on how B team is playing? I see 1-1 at half time. Anyone know who scored?
  8. Frothybaby

    Rico Henry - Signs to June 2023

    I know Fosu has been decent as RB in games, but I don't remember him playing LB.
  9. Frothybaby

    Championship Round 32 (Tue/Wed 23-24 Feb)

    Mind you, I didn't see any of the top teams dropping points at the weekend and look what happened.
  10. Frothybaby

    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    If that's the storey and Forss is out, then I would play Bryan/Canos/Fosu as a front three. Pressley can come on to change it up if needed. Worrying all the injuries, but not long (except Pontus, Henry and Baptiste).
  11. Frothybaby

    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    The teams around us now need to worry about 'Brough, Cardiff, Barnsley and other teams that are big physical and top at the dark arts. I don't know if those teams are lucky with injuries, or that bigger robust players don't pick up injuries as frequently as the slight, speedy trickier ones. TF...
  12. Frothybaby

    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    Also was that the third game in a row where we had less recovery time than the opposition?
  13. Frothybaby

    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Raya Dalsgaard Reid Pinnock Roeslev Janelt JDS Jensen Fosu Forss/Mbeumo Canos Subs: Daniels, Ghoddos, MBS, Norgaard, Morgensen, Bidstrup, Mbeumo/Forss, Zamburek, Gordon Happy for Roeslev to underlap Canos and...
  14. Frothybaby

    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    This post has given me a real fillip. Some obvious facts which point out how much the club and specifically TF has done while trying to manage through trying times. He looks fatigued. I get that emotions are running high, but I don't hear many TF haters. The criticism can seem harsh and not...
  15. Frothybaby

    Mads Bech Sørensen - Signs to June 2023 (+1 yr option)

    I do think he can be undone by his own lack of experience at this level. That will improve. Aprt from this I think I disagree with every point you make.
  16. Frothybaby

    Jan Žambůrek - Signs to June 2023

    I would like to see more of Jan on Saturday. If not as a starter then hopefully he can get 30 minutes or so.
  17. Frothybaby

    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    I don't know if it was the same incident, but there was one where BM starts his run, then checks it as near offside, and as he checks it the pass came. something was out, timing of his run or the pass, I don't know, but it looked bad. He has done ok for a Championship player this season, but...
  18. Frothybaby

    Expectations for Season 20/21

    Good post. You are right about the dark arts teams, but interesting to se the two clubs at the top, don't use it like others. Also I don't think we will let too many go. Our selling is limited each season.
  19. Frothybaby

    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    Saying forget the 8 wins is just as valid as saying forget last season's Barnsley at home and Wembley. Take each game on it's merit or include all. Had we lost 8 on the bounce and won v Barnsley it wouldn't have mattered. TF is our most successful manager with one season in charge, plus this...
  20. Frothybaby

    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    That's not a bad idea, trouble is we need him for the first team, and can't see the luxury of allowing him another (not that important game) on his schedule.
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