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    New Brentford Captain

    With Jake Bidwell seemingly on the way to QPR who is your choice to replace him as captain? Harlee would be the obvious choice given his leadership skills but with Bjelland back fit, Barbet showing real promise and Egan apparently on the way he isn't guaranteed a starting spot. Bjelland would...
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    2016/7 Season and FFP

    As someone who doesn't know the intricacies of FFP, how do we sit next season with the budget? The way I see things at the moment is that we sold big this year in order to comply with FFP and used our new model to find cheaper but possibly better players. Now no one will say that this years...
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    The BFC Bees Blog

    Time for Change? I have not posted my blog on The GPG before so hope the mods are okay with this?
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    Seasons expectations

    With so much speculation over player sales, should we know be reviewing our expectations for the season? Up until about 10 days ago I would have said we were nailed on for another promotion push but we look set to loose the spine of the team from last year. I'm not a doom merchant and can see...
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    Marcos Tebar

    Apologies if I've missed this in other threads but what is the updates/thoughts on Tebar. Do you think he will eventually break into the team or has he completely failed to adjust?
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