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    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    Sad to say but gotta sub JDS at half time. Whatever he's carrying he's a shadow of the player he can be. Fosu pretty poor too, in a half of poor performances. If we are going to play him more central then let Marcondes do it!
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    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    well that started well...
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    Championship Round 33 (Fri 23/2 - Sun 25/2)

    The BBC website has just mentioned that between them Warnock & McCarthy have over 2,600 matches as managers. That's 3900 hours (162 days) of dreary long ball football :sleep::sleep:
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    Today my "other team" will be.....

    Snap! And one of them has done their bit already :)
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    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    Silly question but are you logged into your account? That's happened to me before. Seems to be working OK for me
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    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    Best squad in the league!
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    Final Score Bees 3 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday (Mbeumo, Ghoddos, MBS)

    I really think that 85 or 86 points is going to be enough to get second this year. Fatigue will set in, teams like Cardiff, Barnsley and one I can't mention have found some form, and someone else will also have a run...Derby maybe, or Muff or Bristol C could get a new manager bounce, or even...
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    Bees v Stoke predictions....

    Will be a lot trickier than Wednesday. I have a feeling Bryan will grab another and we'll come out 1-0 winners!
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    538 Prediction Table

    Their 2 extra games are both on the road too, and they have been better grinding out results at home rather than away so. They haven't even set a date yet for the Sheffield Wed. game so fixture congestion will play a big part. I've always thought that towards the end of the season points on the...
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    Team vs Stoke City

    Only one change for me - Toney in for Canos. It would be really harsh not to play Bryan after his performance last night and Sergi is looking a bit jaded after a really good run a few games back Bring on JDS, Marcondes and maybe Norgaard (please) for 25 mins but save them, and Sergi, for...
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    I think this will be likely be the team, except maybe Roerslev at LB. You're right about playing a bit differently but it wasn't that long ago we did that and Ollie Watkins seemed to alright by it!!!
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    I don't know close he to full fitness now but wasn't Mogensen considered a bit ahead of Pressley before his injury? Could he get a call up?
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Play Bryan down the middle with Canos & Fosu in support but have them rotate constantly to try and pull the CBs out of position. Would need MF (presumably Jensen and Ghoddos) to play forward to run into the gaps and support. Really missing a fit JDS or even Marcondes who would be better in this...
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    I'd happily take that. It'd be a nice change from past relegations if we knew for certain we'd get wads of cash even though we'd gone down :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    They've won 3 after failing to win 3 and have away games at Blackburn and Muff this week. They are either very good or very bad!
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    Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday Prediction Thread

    I think we'll tighten up at the back, keep it simple and grind out a 1-0 victory. Fosu tap in at the far post after some intricate link up play from Sergi and Ghoddos ;)
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    I’ve worked out how this season will pan out....good and bad

    I think the OP neglects to consider the impact injuries and fatigue are having on the teams around us. Watford have lost Deeney for at least a few weeks and Swansea are struggling too. If Ayew or Lowe are ruled out then that leaves them with less goalscoring potential than us without Toney...
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    I'm not sure SWed has the mobility to hard press in the same way Barnsley & Coventry did so I expect them to sit deeper. That means we are going to need to unlock them and have our best passers on the field. So for Jenson and probably Ghoddos need to play in midfield, with Janelt sitting behind...
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    I think we played poorly against Barnsley and Coventry, the tactics for Coventry were probably wrong and we are suffering from fatigue and injuries which has meant more individual errors. And so are everyone else. We still have more quality than most of the teams around us (not Norwich - they...
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    The crazy thing is that 3 halves of football ago things were still fine. Sure, we had lost to Barnsley but that looks like it might become an annual event! We were beating the raras and looking comfortable and were in the automatic promotion places with decent run of games ahead. Things went...
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