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    Not A Happy Day in the Fa cup. Photos and thoughts

    A decent game to photograph but an abysmal game to watch. Brentford 0 Notts County 1. FA cup 3rd round
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    Should Brentford Consider a "pay what you want" game?

    A few clubs are doing this and of course Bees have done various things in the past along these lines. There are a couple of not so wonderful looking fixtures before end of season that might be suitable. Thoughts
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    Should Brentford reduce season ticket prices to below £200?

    Huddersfield have announced their initiative to sell the first 10,000 season tickets for adults for £179, this equates to £7.90 per game.
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    artictalk by beedeleted.

    Bees v QPR - A few thoughts and pictures
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    Scott need to go now

    Lets be clear. The other threads here are now out of date. AS must go now. We are heading towards a relegation battle despite having some decent players. The main problem is that clearly the the team is not playing for the manager, dont know why and dont care. We have a squad that should be mid...
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    Reasons to sack or not sack Andy Scott

    Lets be objective here. i will start with reasons to sack We are bottom of the league and have been beaten by other equally bad teams Crowds are appalling. They dont like either the style ( or lack of it) or the results or both Scott has brought in vast numbers of players. Most have failed...
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    Tooting 1 Bees 3

    Great game in the sunshine. The first time I have seen most/all of the players , youth etc so apologies but dont know names. Tooting took the lead with a decent cross and neat header and looked as though Bees would be hammered but they came back to be 3-1 up at half time with 3 nice goals. Our...
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    Stuart Fleetwood

    Was a prolific scorer in conference who seems to have lost his way since going to Charlton, then Exeter on loan. Maybe a little overweight but gave us some trouble in the first half. Is he one for AS to take a look at?
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    If you want a football game to go to

    Just texted Carshalton coach and their game v sutton def on 100% according to him
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    Adam Newton Goes to Luton

    Hope this is not old news but heard from the press officer at Luton that they have signed him 2 weeks ago
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    wycombe vs Rochdale

    Went to see the game today and the good news is that Wycombe's bubble really has burst. They were poor and should have been 3 down by half time. They were played off the pitch by Rochdale who were excellent, except Lee Thorpe who looked no less donkey like than before. Rochdale will go up...
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    Few photos from Exeter

    While we wait the good ones from Farnham Bee, these at least give you an idea of the pleasures we went through in the away end..
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    Chesterfield game on

    Droylsden 2 Chesterfield ( with cheating Jack Lester) 1 so Chesterfield whom seem very out of form will be at GP on Jan 3
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    Photos from Aldershot

    Few photos in the Brentford section in the website. Great image of Newman getting booked :wave:
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    Food in other grounds

    Before we moan too much about bees catering, I was in Prague last week and went to see Sparta Prague vs Fc Teplice. the context was sparta are top and teplice mid-table. A 5.15 ko. A crowd of maybe 5,000. Food choice was either chicken or chicken, a lump of part of a chicken was torn from the...
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    Travel To Barnet

    Rumour has it that those lovely folks at London Underground are striking from Wednesday/thursday for 72 hours. Does anyone have any up to date info here?
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    RIP Phil O'Donnell

    Some really sad news that maybe puts perspective where it is due. The Motherwell captain collapsed and died on the pitch today as he was being substituted. His wife was in the stand and his nephew playing alongside him. The cause is not known of course at this stage. This quite rightly makes...
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    Martin Allen: What is he doing?

    MA was tonight at a local school parents evening looking not so happy IMHO. Any knowledge of what he is/may be doing? Has anyone at GP contacted him? Why was he at GP?
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    Cost of TB pay off

    with less than 3000 actually there tonight ( maybe 2500 at best) it seems that the entertainment provided by TB and AS has reduced the crowd by 1500 each game. Roughly equivalent to £30,000 per game and maybe more as less catering,shop sales etc. Any pay off would be cheap in comparison to cost...
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    Players the fans have scouted

    As TB/AS do their own scouting ( and we have seen the results of that, presumably they do it in hospital A/E departments judging by the injury prone-ness of their acquiitions) lets have a thread where we can recomend a player that we have seen and why. Suggest that to avoid the risiculous length...
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