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    Gone Elsewhere Luca Zidane (Unattached to Raya Vallenco)

    Free Agent and has played with some of the best players in the world Got a howler in him too like David
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    Team vs Birmingham (Away)

    Assuming no injuries, incomings or Ollie/Said unavailable I'll go for Raya Dalsgaard Jansson Pinnock Henry Jensen Norgaard DaSilva Mbeumo Toney Canos Subs Daniels Goode Thompson Marcondes Zamburek Fosu Forss
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    Bright Osayi-Samuel (QPR)

    Alan Nixon has tweeted that we have joined West Brom in hunting Osayi Samuel. Reported accepted a 4m bid from Club Brugge previously.
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    Bradley Dack (Blackburn Midfielder)

    Would anyone else want him. 26 so still in his prime. Think he could add some much needed experience
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    Saïd Benrahma's Father Passes Away.

    On Facebook news that's his dad has died. RIP.
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    Marcus Forss - Recalled from AFCW Loan

    Back due to Injury
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    Team vs Derby

    Think changes needed here Raya Dalsgaard Jansson Pinnock Henry Mokotjo Jansen Benrahma Watkins Mbeumo Forss Subs Daniels Jeanvier Clarke Norgaard DaSilva Canos Nikos
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    Team vs Birmingham

    Assuming Maupay goes, Said not ready and no incomings id go for Raya Pinnock Janssson Jeanvier Dalsgaard DaSilva Marcondes Henry Canos Forss Watkins Subs Daniels Racic Clarke Field Norgaard Jensen Zamberek If Maupay stays or a new Striker comes in then they go on the bench instead...
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    Team vs Hull

    After that dreadful 45 minutes id go for Bentley Jeanvier Barbet Sorenson Odubajo Mokotjo Sawyers Field Benrahma Maupay Watkins Subs Balcombe Racic Canos Da Silva Ogbene Forss Hardy
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    Team vs Bolton

    Id say big changes here Daniels Odubajo Jeanvier Barbet Henry Mokotjo Judge McEachran Canos Forss Maupay Subs Bentley Mepham Konsa Okansen Watkins Benrahma Hardy
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    Team vs Norwich

    I'd go Daniels Dalsgaard Mephem Konsa Odubajo McEachran Macleod Clarke Judge Benrahma Maupay
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    Jan Žambůrek - Signs to June 2023
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    Team vs Reading

    Assuming Dalsgaard is out. Id go for Bentley Clarke Egan Barbet Henry Woods Yennaris Archibald Watkins Sawyers Shaibu Subs Daniels Bjelland Ilas Mokojto McEachran Jozefzoon Maupay
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    Team vs Villa

    Assuming no incomings who would play for you I'd go for Bentley Colin Egan Barbet Henry Woods Mokojto Clarke Watkins Canos Maupay Subs Daniels Bjelland Dalsgaard Yennaris McEachran Jozefzoon Vibe
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    Team vs Ipswich

    So who plays this one. Id go for Bentley Dalsgaard Dean Barbet Henry (If fit otherwise Colin) Yennaris Mokojto Jota Watkins Canos (If fit otherwise Jozefzoon) Maupay Subs Daniels Egan Colin (Bjelland if Colin plays) Jozefzoon (Clarke if Jozefzoon starts) Sawyers Vibe Shaibu
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    Team for Ra Ra's

    So who do we think? Bentley Colin Dean Egan Barbet Bjelland Woods Clarke MacLeod KaiKai Hogan Subs Bonham Holdack Yennaris McEachran Kershbaumer Hofmann Vibe
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    888sport Offers free Away travel to: Aston Villa, Derby County & Bristol City

    To mid week away games before Christmas.
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    Callum Elder - Returns to Leicester City

    Welcome to the Club.
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    Play Off Dates - Friday 8 May (Home) & Friday 15 May (Away)

    First Game - Friday 8th May 19:45 Kick off Second Game - Friday 15th May 19:45 Kick off Home first.
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    Moved to Gibraltar in May. Would be great to meet any fellow bee
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