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  1. opinions5u

    Things that annoy you about football

    Nah, coaching staff walking behind the goal to get to the dugout.
  2. opinions5u

    Things that annoy you about football

    Tries to recall memories from Griffin Park away end ...
  3. opinions5u

    Ray Wilkins RIP

    When I was a teen he used to stand behind me and my mates on the Railway End at Stockport for Friday night games. Always good with a bit of friendly banter with us spotty ones.
  4. opinions5u

    Australian Cheating at Cricket

    The big unanswered question is which bowlers were in on it. You don't mess with the ball and forget to mention it to those who have to deliver the results.
  5. opinions5u

    Australian Cheating at Cricket

    At least one of the swing bowlers must be in on it.
  6. opinions5u

    Australian Cheating at Cricket

    Given the ICC sanction is a pathetic suspension of two games or less, maybe the consequences had escaped him. I think Cricket Australia have got the punishment right. I'd like to think the ECB would respond with similar vigour.
  7. opinions5u

    Australian Cheating at Cricket

    The Steve Smith interview in Sydney is a tough watch.
  8. opinions5u

    James Tarkowski

    Feeling proud. First saw him play for Oldham yoof against Man City. 6-2 down as the game went into injury time. Hat trick for Harry Bunn. But Tarkowski had looked really impressive throughout. As the game went into injury time, the cold Oldham air biting into me, I'd have left if my lad...
  9. opinions5u

    James Tarkowski

    I knew he was good the first time I saw him turn out for Oldham Youth Team. But this exceeds where I thought he'd reach in the game.
  10. opinions5u

    Video Assistant Referees

    Why are you challenging me?
  11. opinions5u

    Video Assistant Referees

    Encroachment happened before he stopped his run up. VAR would presumably have said retake and no booking. But wasn't used.
  12. opinions5u

    Managerial Changes Thread 2017 / 2018

    John Sheridan to replace Rosler at Fleetwood.
  13. opinions5u

    Your Child's First Brentford Match

    Five years old. 2002. Tranmere 1-2 Oldham. Fell asleep. Oldham got a penalty. "What's a penital?" Been to most home games since. Ballboyed a few seasons too. Comes back from uni most weekends to take more footballing punishment. I think my father son relationship is easily the best...
  14. opinions5u

    FA Cup / Vase Quarter Finals

    What a fabulous come back by Stockport last night. 2-0 down, finished with ten men, won 3-2.
  15. opinions5u

    Soccer AM - YKTD

    Is Soccer AM still a thing?
  16. opinions5u

    GPG cutting out

    A dummy page just kept inviting me to apply for credit. Tempting to build up huge debts and bankrupt my estate.
  17. opinions5u

    GPG cutting out

    The Oldham message board forgot to renew the domain name yesterday. Disaster!
  18. opinions5u

    It was 20 Years ago "Today", the original "GPGers"?

    And Oldham have remained marooned in League One ever since.
  19. opinions5u

    New rule made up by me

    They had the rugby "move ten yards forward for dissent/time wasting" rule a few years back. Scrapped it very quickly. Making goal kicks get taken from the side the ball went out would be an improvement. Even though the existing rule was brought in to reduce time wasting!
  20. opinions5u

    Thermos Flasks, iPads etc Now Banned from Griffin Park

    If they banned flasks at Oldham there'd be 3,500 of us frozen to death.
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