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    Can AI help Leatherhead FC

    Interesting look at AI and football, especially at grassroots level. I work a little in this area so have an interest and obviously is probably not too far from the kind of thing that Brentford are doing.
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    Corinne Bailey Rae Tickets - 4th April Shepherd's Bush

    I have two tickets available for Corinne Bailey Rae on Tuesday 4th April at Shepherds Bush Empire. I was due to be back from holiday on Tuesday but due to the French industrial strike my flights were cancelled, I've had to delay my holiday and I won't be back in time now. If anyone has any...
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    Kitchen worktop

    I have a couple of pieces of worktop available, both about 1 metre in length. It's a Black, shiny, marble effect worktop called Everest Gloss. £20 per piece. I'll get the exact measurements and maybe pictures on here tomorrow; Buyer would have to pick up from Shepperton or nearby. Sample of...
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    Wine Gums - The New Chomp....

    Probably won't get away with chucking them in this day and age but I think everyone should roll up to the next few games with Wine Gums. They're obviously a favourite matchday delicacy of Martin's so lets make sure he, the backroom staff and the subs don't go without. During the warm up lets try...
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    Ashford Town (Middx)

    In the Second round of the FA Trophy played on Saturday, Ashford gained a very creditable draw away to Weymouth. Steve Claridge is manager of Weymouth who are top of the Dr Martens League, whereas Ashford were a park team not that long ago. Scotty Partridge opened the scoring for Weymouth before...
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    Where are they now....Jason Cousins

    Captain of Windsor & Eton, playing against Staines last night along with Leon Townley. Intimidating the officials, dirty b@stard.
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    Where are they now......Gus Hurdle

    While in Sainsbury's at lunchtime today I had a quick look at the back page of the Staines & Ashford Herald where I read the legendary Gus Hurdle has joined Egham Town :D
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    Scousers love for Manchester......

    Liverpool make their feelings towards Manchester known.....
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    The Return of Songs

    Next season, I would like to hear the return of the following songs; Wise men say Only fools rush in But I can't help, falling in love with you BRENTFORD.....BRENTFORD -------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think of Fulham/QPR/Anyone* SH!T What do you think...
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    Fiorentina are Back!

    From Italian football welcomed back an old friend today after Diego Della Valle, owner of Florentia Viola, bought back the club's former name, AC Fiorentina. Traditional purple From next season the Florence club will be called Fiorentina again and will wear their traditional...
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    Sheff Weds versus Walsall

    I was at Hillsborough on Sunday to see the above game. Not very good, in fact pretty awful to be honest. The first half consisted of Wednesday hoofing it down the left hand side and not once trying to attack via the right. Kuqi was booed when his name was read out in the starting line up and...
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    Calub Nichols

    On trial apparently..... Calub Nichols
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    European Football tickets

    Does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy reasonably priced European football tickets. Particularly interested in Barcelona tickets. Hoping to see them play Valencia at the Nou Camp In January. The cheapest I have seen are £80 which may actually be quite a good price.....?
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    Israel are looking for somewhere to play their Euro 2004 qualification games!! Sod it, they're desparate for somewhere to play, wer'e desparate for money, let's let 'em play at Griffin Park!!! Tottenham have turned them down and the Israel FA stand to lose £1million ;) :) ;) :) Israel need...
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    Staines Town (mergd threads)

    Staines Town FC Being a local, I went to have a look at how Staines' new ground is coming along and to find out what leisure facilities would be included in the final complex. Don't know how many of you are aware of Staines having a new ground built but it looks quite exciting (being a Staines...
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    Phoning Brentford and getting nowhere

    Whenever I phone the club offices I find it hard work getting an answer. I've just called to ask if the ticket office will be open tonight so I can get my Reading tickets and others for the ticket preferred matches and the answer was - "I couldn't tell you, I don't think they've decided yet"...
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