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    Gone Elsewhere Andre Green

    Free agent, still only 22. Left sided player who cuts in on his right. I think he showed potentially a while back but seems to of lost his way a bit, which doesn’t always mean he’s not good enough, however, better what we already have?
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    Gone Elsewhere Harry Wilson

    I see Liverpool are letting him go out on loan this season. I think he’s a top championship player, did brilliant at Derby and offers very good set pieces. I know we don’t tend to go for loans but I think he would be a very good addition.
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    Night out in Brentford

    Sorry if there is another thread on this but couldn’t seem to find one. Me and and a friend are coming down for the game on Saturday, we are both from Derby. I’m a Brentford fan and he is forest. When I come to games I normally go out in London after but this time we’re thinking of staying...
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