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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Raya Dalsgaard Reid Pinnock Roerslev DaSilva Jensen Fosu Canos Forss Mbeumo Subs 9 others
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Hear 4m on Twitter
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Surely they have to pay regardless so it just means that we get it next season. And we try to get big money for at least 1 player each summer so this might mean that no big money next year. :)
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    Team v. Fulham

    cos we would never hear the end of it if we lose Raya Dalsgaard Goode Pinnock MBS DaSilva Baptise Marcondes Benrahma Forss Ghoddos Subs Daniels Jansson Thompson Norgaard Canos Fosu Toney
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    Team v Millwall

    Raya Dalsgaard Jansson Pinnock Henry DaSilva Norgaard Marcondes Mbeumo Forss Fosu Subs Daniels Sorensen Thompson Baptise Ghoddos Canos Toney
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    Team v WBA

    Henry id say
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    Team v WBA

    Raya in
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    Reports and Reaction Brentford 3-0 Huddersfield

    Raya Dalsgaard Goode Sorenson Thompson DaSilva Norgaard Baptise Mbeumo Forss Fosu Subs 7 of the rest
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    Carabao Cup 4R Fulham(H) Live on Sky Thurs 5:30pm

    So when we beat West Brom and Sheffield Wednesday, we will be in the last 8 of the comp. 2 games from the we start dreaming?
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    Team v Huddersfield (home)

    Daniels Dalsgaard Jansson Pinnock Henry Baptise Norgaard DaSilva Mbeumo Toney Fosu Subs Raya Goode Sorensen Marcondes Canos Forss Halil
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    Final Score Southampton 0 - 2 Bees (Norgaard!, Da Silva)

    Same here thought we were in for a stuffing tonight well done so far Bees
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    Team v Southampton

    Toney, Canos, Jansson didn't
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    Team v Southampton

    Daniels Dalsgaard Goode Sorenson Thompson DaSilva Norgaard Baptise Mbeumo Forss Fosu Subs Henry Pinnock Marcondes Halil Zamburek Only 5subs named could the others be isolating
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    B Team Fixtures

    Might not be playing for a week, One player involved the other night has tested positive for Covid19 with Symptoms.
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    Could it be that he has signed but waiting for him to finish isolating before announcing?
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    Ollie Watkins

    Starts against Burton tonight
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    Signed New Contract David Raya

    If your read this David, don't worry about Arsenal you'll be a Premier League number 1 keeper next season. :D
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    Team v Southampton

    Daniels Henry Jansson Pinnock Thompson Marcondes Zamburek DaSilva Mbeumo Toney Benrahma Subs Raya, Goode, Dalsgaard, Norgaard, Fosu, Canos, Forss
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    Gone Elsewhere Luca Zidane (Unattached to Raya Vallenco)

    Free Agent and has played with some of the best players in the world Got a howler in him too like David
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    Ollie Watkins

    6 mil. Think he's a good shout if he plays up top.
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