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  1. Eieieio

    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    I was feeling annoyed at half time at more of the same recent failings and the lack of a plan B, but can't argue with that second half performance, it was gutsy. Well done Thomas frank and team
  2. Eieieio

    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    This is the kind of game where I'm praying they get a red card
  3. Eieieio

    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    We're tactically pretty poor. No plan b. Teams seem to have us worked out now. Fingers crossed we grow into this.
  4. Eieieio

    Our Free Kicks in the Opponents Half

    with recent teams pressing us more than was the case earlier in the season (as they've learnt it works), Raya is often being forced into long balls anyway when it is played back to him. i imagine that statistically it's better to keep possession or something than roll the dice and have a small...
  5. Eieieio

    Final Score Bees 3 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday (Mbeumo, Ghoddos, MBS)

    We're obviously under strength but it's looked like a bottom of the table clash thus far.
  6. Eieieio

    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    How no-one was on the end of that Mbuemo corner is beyond me. Think they may have misunderstood when Frank said 'keep your eyes on the ball boys!'
  7. Eieieio

    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    Coming back into it à bit now
  8. Eieieio

    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    It's just the same old press that Barnsley and qpr employed that makes us entirely ineffectual. We need a plan B when this happens that isn't long ball.
  9. Eieieio

    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    Rico unlucky. He basically got tackled. If that was on the ground its a tackle. Because its in the air its a pen.
  10. Eieieio

    Final Score QPR 2 - 1 Bees (Toney)

    Both Barnsley and qpr have simply pressed high and in numbers and it has cut us off and forced mistakes and ineffectual long balls. Bit worrying that our plan b doesn't really seem to exist
  11. Eieieio

    Final Score QPR 2 - 1 Bees (Toney)

    Oh I haven't :) luckily this year we have many games to regain form.
  12. Eieieio

    Final Score QPR 2 - 1 Bees (Toney)

    It's like end of last season isn't it. Mojo gone
  13. Eieieio

    Final Score Bees 0 - 2 Barnsley

    Difference today is that Barnsley have managed to maintain their shape and pressing well into second half when teams like Reading fell away. Reflects well on their fitness and spirit.
  14. Eieieio

    Final Score Bees 0 - 2 Barnsley

    Really impressed by this Barnsley side - keeping their shape and pressing as a team. Not allowing us to get into a passing flow for most of the game and forcing errors. Tactically we've been outclassed today. Barnsley position in league doesn't reflect their quality I don't think - they've lost...
  15. Eieieio

    Expectations for Season 20/21

    my main expectation now is that my levels of concern about ability to get a season ticket next year will continue to increase and make me very stressed. I did my best to convince my pal to get one last year but with COVID he was a naysayer.
  16. Eieieio

    Final Score Reading 1 - 3 Brentford (JDS(2), Toney)

    Ejaria is some player, real handful. Reading possibly best team we've played so far this season? Maybe with Norwich.
  17. Eieieio

    Team v Reading

    strongest team for this one and then rotate after - this is the most difficult of our next 5 fixtures on paper...
  18. Eieieio

    Final Score Middlesbrough 1 - 4 Bees (Toney(2), Janelt, Jensen)

    A point would be okay here, mostly because the conditions are so terrible that it's a bit of a lottery. Hopefully the wind favours us a bit more in second half, every ball into the box looked tricky for our lot to deal with in that half.
  19. Eieieio

    Winston Reid - Signs on loan to June 2021

    hope he lands OK on that dodgy knee
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