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    Die hard Brentford fan.

    Not sure how old the episode is, but Caroline has just announced herself as a die hard Brentford fan in front of Richard Osman on Pointless this evening. Could get juicy :hat:
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024 Words from Rasmus suggesting they recognise he'll need time to get up to speed "He will need some time to adapt to English football, but he has all the physical attributes to do well here."
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    Shandon Baptiste - Signs to June 2024 (+1yr option)

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    EFL charge Sheff Weds over ground sale
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    David Raya - Signs to June 2024
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    Lost season ticket

    Bit of an emergency ask as I seem to have misplaced my season ticket, and of course the ticket office phone is closed. I thought I could print of a ticket, but for some reason it's not allowing it. Any ideas welcome?
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    Selling out to away fans

    Got to feel for the Port Vale fans on this one. Reminds me of the recent Celtic game, but at least they weren't our local rivals!
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    How long since you've been to GP (Overseas Bees)

    As a regular home and away, I not only wonder what it must feel like not to be able to jump in the car for a BEES game, but how long has it been since you've actually seen a game at Griffin Park?
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    Is Hey Jude supposed to be our Anthem?

    What with the club seemingly playing it now before every game, and over Christmas PG trying his utmost to get the ground to sing along with the all girl school choir, should we all be making an effort to sing along and get the whole ground rocking with it?
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    Jersey Road

    I've never had the opportunity to get down to Jersey Road to see any training sessions, so I was wondering what access supporters have during the week. I might get a chance to go there soon, so any advice?
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    Table for the last 10 years

    This is a league table of this seasons Championship sides performance over the past ten years, any time teams spent in the Premiership has been pro-rated up. I figured after quite a few successful seasons we would figure quite high, and I was right.
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    Rate November 2014

    Five great wins in this magical month. My selection of the top wins, these are not based on performance just the emotions of who we were beating. 1st WOLVES so great to get a win against our former league 1 buddies, not only is revenge sweet but it is a marker of how much we've come on since...
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    Bees v Norwich City (16th September K.O 7:45pm )

    Can't wait for the next game so lets get talking about it.
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    Mark Warburton: Brentford boss cautious on summer additions
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    For those who can't make it to Leyton Orient

    Any good pubs where a good gathering can be found?
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    Marcus Gayle

    I don't remember a former player returning as the oppositions manager before, we all know how to give a bit of stick to former players playing for the opponents, but I think Marcus will get a rousing reception and no stick through the game.
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    Gap year student

    My son is finishing off his A levels at Esher College where he is predicted A grades in Maths and Physics. He intends to take a gap year before heading off to Uni to study Computer Science and Software development. He is looking for some form of work connected to IT so he can build on his...
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    Away support in the FL,,10794~177951,00.pdf Puts us in 28th place
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    Bees v Tranny stats

    I am very aware that Tranmere have scored 29 goals to our 16, but looking at the BBCs' match statistics it was a little bit reassuring to see, Bees Shots 166 On target 75 Tranny Shots 115 On target 61 On the plus it shows we are creating 45% more shots than Tranny and 25% more on target. But...
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