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  1. Wise old Bee

    Relegated from Premiership?

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but, presuming we don't suddenly zoom up the table and get promoted or drop like a stone and go down, who would you like to play next season? Palace would be on my list as we've not played them for about 40 years, Watford as it's an easy trip and we...
  2. Wise old Bee

    John Winnett RIP

    Sad to hear that John, a lifetime Bee, passed away last week. Bad health had kept him away from GP in recent years but he was a regular, going back to the 50s and came from a Brentford family. He used to sell newspapers outside GP and in the area in the 60s. A well-known face in Hanwell, he was...
  3. Wise old Bee

    Match 61 - Brazil v Germany

    Julio Cesar is a QPR player and crys like a girl. David Luiz elbowed Jake Reeves in the face. That's enough for me - Ich bin ein Berliner.
  4. Wise old Bee

    Opening Ceremony

    I'm in favour of a London celebration full of pearly kings and queens singing "My old Man Said Follow the Van..." and "Boiled Beef and Carrotts" etc. Then a load of capering cockney stereotypes giving it the full Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins style. There will be a recreation of the blitz with...
  5. Wise old Bee

    Spanish football 2011-12

    CD Tenerife 3 Vecindario (from Gran Canaria) 0 in front of 8,200. CDT now in segunda b which is the same level as Brentford. No doubt once the strike is over we can return to the usual Barca-worship here. :cool:
  6. Wise old Bee

    QPR Sponsors

    I was checking some prices of flights earlier when the name Gulf Air came up. Obviously as QPR's shirt sponsor they couldn't be considered but then I discovered that they have ended this foolish sponsorship deal so they can now be used by BFC supporters. I also discover that three other...
  7. Wise old Bee

    Griffin Park on Pathe News Sorry if this has been posted before. Good shots of (emptyish) ground.
  8. Wise old Bee

    Spanish futbol 2010-11

    Fixtures out Tuesday 20th July.
  9. Wise old Bee

    Long range goals

    When you watch the FL show there are always a few real snorters banged in from 30 yards or so. There has been a distressing lack of these by us over the years. If you take away Paul Evans goals, and Jim McNichol's free kicks there is not a lot left. Charlie against Bristol R this season was...
  10. Wise old Bee

    BFC Welsh XI

    Bit bored at work so what better than to compile my Brentford Welsh XI? An all star-lineup with: Lewis Price(00s) Alan Jones (60s) Iori Jenkins (80s) Matt Somner (00s) Barry Tucker (70/80s) Dai Richards (30s) Paul Evans 900s) Phil Bater (80s) Idris Hopkins (30/40s) Dai Ward (60s) Gary...
  11. Wise old Bee

    Keith Kettleborough I can think of one sainted ex-Bee who will be waiting for him at the Pearly Gates.....
  12. Wise old Bee

    Southern Rail ticket offer Sorry if this has already been posted before but seems a good deal.
  13. Wise old Bee

    Blue Square National Play Offs

    I struggle to watch football on television unless I want one team to win so tonight's first leg Stevenage v Cambridge was a no-brainer with GP favourite Gary "cheap shot" Brabin managing Cambridge. Diabolical sending off of Stevenage player in first half but they won 3-1 anyway despite bringing...
  14. Wise old Bee

    Yet Another Martin Allen thread...

    When AS has taken us to the fifth round in consecutive seasons as well as finished in a playoff spot both times - in a higher division - then he can be compared to MA.
  15. Wise old Bee

    Steve Phillips

    My chums from the Armada Sur went to the last game of the season to see CDT play at Malaga and were invited by Malaga fans to their bar which was the one run by our goalscoring legend of 77-78. Apparently Steve was on fine form and made them all welcome, wish I'd bloody gone now.
  16. Wise old Bee

    BFC in Parliament

    I see that the club have an exhibition stand along the Committee Corridor in the House of Commons. Bought me up with a jolt when I saw it. Perhaps the Great West Road (Monorail Enabling) Bill is up for discussion soon. Well done to the club anyway, I shall be investigating later when it is open.
  17. Wise old Bee

    Is 2006-7 the worst relegation season ever?

    All right the fat lady isn't even gargling yet but how does this compare with our vintage seasons of the past? I only saw a few games in 65-6 but the slow handclapping and general moaning was at a high level. 72-3 was pretty bad but there was the odd highlight and 92-93 was just a tragedy. I...
  18. Wise old Bee

    Charlie Oatway?

    I mentioned his name in the thread about Eddie May saying I thought he was a good signing for us and how sorry I was to see him leave only to get posts saying he was rubbish etc. Ignoring his QPR connections, what do people think? Wouldn't be the first time I've been completely at odds with...
  19. Wise old Bee

    Most Loathsome XI Against BFC

    Made up of players I have really disliked over the years. Eric Nixon (Tranmere) for his antics in Tranmere play-off Gary Owers(various) enough said Barry Jackson (York) a real gorilla of late 60s Joe Jopling (Aldershot) another gorilla, although sorted by Andy Mac Pat Van Den Hauwe (Spurs) cut...
  20. Wise old Bee

    "Bees are on the Ball"

    My friend John is in his early 60s and has been a GP regular for aeons now. When he has had a few cold ones he often sings this song which starts "Oh the Bees are on the ball, oh the Bees can win them all..." it also has lines like "Buzz and sting down the wing" etc. It's a bit like that Norwich...
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