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  1. swr22

    Gone Elsewhere Kwadwo Baah

    This kid looks promising!
  2. swr22

    Gone Elsewhere Alfie Doughty

    Seems like 3 championship clubs have had bids accepted by Charlton (as well as Rangers and Celtic). Are we one of them? Torn hamstring so he is out until late Feb but fits are profile otherwise, I should think.
  3. swr22

    Out on Loan Patrik Gunnarsson (Viborg until January) Getting him some minutes as we have good cover with Daniels and Balcombe.
  4. swr22

    Gone Elsewhere Ronnie Edwards (Colchester to Peterborough U)

    Barry Ashby touting him to us. Second year scholar from Barnet. Barnet's chairman still not a fan of ours, evidently...
  5. swr22

    Cameo + Brentford

    Some of you might be familiar with the start-up, Cameo, which is essentially a digital platform for celebrity "shout-outs"; rather than the old autograph book, Cameo allows you to order a "Happy Birthday" from Charlie Sheen or a baby announcement from a baseball player or country music star...
  6. swr22

    Pontus Jansson - Signs to June 2022 (+1yr option)

    Never saw that coming....
  7. swr22

    The Thoughtful Football Fans' Syllabus

    I, like many on here I imagine, have been on a learning curve over the last few years in terms of appreciating the new "science of the beautiful game". I thought that it might be useful to share resources in order to help others on a similar journey. Below I have listed some sources of...
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    Gustav Mogensen - Brentford B - Signs to 2022 (+1 year option)

  9. swr22

    What Do We Lack?

    We've got quality throughout the team but we still have fallen short of the playoffs. So what do we lack? I can't help thinking that we could use some more strength in the middle of the park, especially against lower table and more physical teams. Some teams do try and bully us into submission...
  10. swr22

    Formation Chat

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about our formation, Ted Knutson's recent article about quality shots, and our personnel changes: the question I guess we have to answer is why are we giving away so many quality shots and not getting enough good ones ourselves, considering some of our great passing...
  11. swr22

    College Football Fantasy League & Season 2015

    Anyone up for it? Will Ohio State repeat? How will Harbaugh do at Michigan? How do Oregon do without Mariota? Does FSU have a QB?
  12. swr22

    Yoann Barbet - Leaves Brentford

    Confirmed in France. Everyone seems to think it's legit. Discuss.
  13. swr22

    Arctic Bees

    I am taking some of my students on a trip to the Arctic beginning next week. We're going to Iceland, Norway and Finland. Was hoping to catch a match or two while I am over there and would be great to do so with some fellow local Bees! At the moment I think my best bet is to go see Tromso when...
  14. swr22

    College American Football

    Called Winston winning the Heisman last year! My Trojans play Wazzu this Saturday, hoping we work out if we have a QB or not. Most looking forward to Michigan vs. Notre Dame.
  15. swr22

    Any Brentford Fans in LA??

    Want to meet up and watch us at Wembley??
  16. swr22

    College Football

    Anyone here a fan of the old collegiate gridiron?
  17. swr22

    EBay Items (Playstation, DVDs etc)

    Hey all, I am a loyal Bees fan now living in the United States. I'm still selling some of my stuff back here and would rather my things go to a good home rather than getting bought by some pesky Rara fan! I am selling my playstation 3, some DVDs etc...
  18. swr22

    Shaleum Logan
  19. swr22

    FA Trophy Final

    A mate is a York City fan, so I went along to the Final. Ashley Bayes didn't make it into the Stevenage team (the obnoxious Chris Day got the nod) and Willock didn't get on. The Stevenage right-back had a very good game, often pressing on and getting good crosses in. Morison scored but...
  20. swr22

    NFL 08

    Who do you like this year? Who is your team? Who are you drafting for youe fantasy team?
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