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  1. chizbee

    Copa America

    Anybody know if this is being televised?
  2. chizbee

    New Stripes

    I'm sure i read on here somewhere recently that Stripes was to open its doors to us punters again on matchdays. Is this still the case ? Will it be open to us this saturday ?
  3. chizbee

    Wow - Atmosphere

    Yesterdays game brought with it some much needed atmosphere. That got me thinking , what was the best home game for atmosphere?
  4. chizbee

    Home friendlies

    Does anybody have any idea on wheather our "new home end " will be open for the AFC Wimbledon game ? Also any idea on the admission price ?
  5. chizbee

    Next year's fixtures

    Can anyone tell me if next years fixtures have been confirmed by the powers at Brentford ? I only ask because i need to know about the midweek fixtures, i have to book days off for these as i work till late at night.
  6. chizbee

    Paul Danson !!

    rofl rofl I've just read on another board that Paul Danson has been SACKED by the football league lol . If its true ............and lets hope it is....................... THATS BRILLIANT :sorted:
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