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  1. Aussie Bee

    Griffin Park Bees United Bricks

    Years ago I remember donating money to buy a Bees United brick that was apparently place somewhere inside Griffin Park - I think my one said "Aussie Bee - Sydney" ( I never did get around to seeing it!) Anyway does anyone know if these bricks were taken across to Susan?
  2. Aussie Bee

    Ref for the PO final - Martin Atkinson

    Any thoughts? Thought the bloke tonight was excellent Shroud is a cock again - thought he had changed! Is there one outstanding EFL ref we should hope to get? Or dread getting ?
  3. Aussie Bee

    Barnsley (H) - Ticket Arrangements TBA

    Just discovered on twitter this site - who are selling Brentford tickets to all how remaining home games!! How does that happen? No wonder away fans get into home areas!!!! This should not be happening!!
  4. Aussie Bee

    World Cup Draw from 3pm this afternoon

    2am here - but i will be getting up for it :) Hope they don't **** about too much and just get on with it but i can't see that!! Wonder if England will get the group of death :) Hopefully Australia will get drawn against them - that would be 3 points for England lol Love the World Cup :)
  5. Aussie Bee

    Loan Players coming in?

    Any news of any loan players coming in to assist the fragile defence and shot shy forwards? Talking to a mate who is a boro fan he reckons Bamford might be available - they would even be willing to pay 50% of his wages - worth a punt i would have thought?
  6. Aussie Bee

    Australia haven't got an ashes team!

    Players in dispute with board and most of the good ones have been sacked lol
  7. Aussie Bee

    First ever football game attended?

    Does everyone remember their first ever football game attended? Mind was at Old Trafford on 24th August 1968 as a ten year old when my cousin took me along to see the European Champions take on Chelsea. Talk about real superstars on display! United: Stepney, Sadler, Burns, Kopel, Dunne...
  8. Aussie Bee

    Bees predictions up to May 2017

    Jan - Hogan goes to West Ham for 12 Million quid 🤑 Feb - Jota dropped (Sorry Nick Logan lol) - Bees score 3 goals and concede 7 for no points in the month 😞 March - Smith sacked - Franks takes over 🤔 April - Beat QPR but they are already safe 🙁 May - FInish 16th 🙄
  9. Aussie Bee

    Perth casino catch up QPHaHa/Fulscum TV games?

    Anyone up for this - either/or/both? Bear in mind it will be a late night!
  10. Aussie Bee

    Bolton 5th April 2 for 1 offer

    Got an email about this offer - shame I already brought my tickets - feels like I have been ripped off for being keen lol
  11. Aussie Bee

    MK Dons Away - 23rd April

    If anyone is thinking of turning this trip into an overnighter the hotel attached to the stadium - Double Tree Hilton - can be booked for 50 quid a night at at the moment - looks like a nice hotel :) See you in the bar!!
  12. Aussie Bee

    Nottingham forest away

    What time do you reckon the supporters coach would be departing for the city ground? I land at 6am and am hoping to be able to get to Griffin park to hop on it - any ideas? I note the train only takes a couple of hours so that could be an option as well
  13. Aussie Bee

    Alves Coelho?

    If you go to the BBC team page for Brentford it shows us having a Striker No 22 called Alves Coelho - what's all that about? Never heard of him - or is my dementia starting early?
  14. Aussie Bee

    Tour of Griffin Park? Online Petition

    With the last days of Griffin Park coming to a close I would love a tour of Griffin park to be sorted out - how magical would that be for the true believers like us lot? I for one would be up for it and I am sure many others. The tour could end up at the club shop or stripes to even create...
  15. Aussie Bee

    Overseas Bees get together - Late April 2016

    Hi everyone Anyone planning to head over to London for the Fulham home game on 30th April 2016 let me know - It would be great to get to met the overseas contingent over a London Pride or 3 The game may get moved from Saturday due to telly or something but i might see if the club can open...
  16. Aussie Bee

    Ryan Tunnicliffe charged over Bamford twitter comment What is it about twitter that makes people knobs? I guess they must be before they post!
  17. Aussie Bee

    Cheap accomodation in or around Brentford for Overseas visitors?

    I intend going back for a holiday at the end of next season - I used to stay with friends in Brent Lea but that may not be possible this time around. Does anyone know of any half decent B&B's around Brentford? Did the Princess Royal ever get around to renting out the rooms above the pub? What...
  18. Aussie Bee

    2nd leg - plan b

    Since we have nothing to lose and since boro seem to have our measure ie soak up the pressure, score and then park the bus I reckon after 3 losses we have to,go to plan b. I have no idea what plan b is but if warbs is as good as must people think he should know. I would rather lose 4-0 next...
  19. Aussie Bee

    Beinsports connect games

    Ipswich v Bees is on Saturday night here in Oz
  20. Aussie Bee

    Run-in for the Top 8 2014/15

    Here are the remaining games for the top 7 Red cells show when the top 7 teams meet. We would seem to have the easier draw!
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