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    Brentford v Chelsea predictions

    Brentford 1-1 Chelsea Hayes Att: 6,526 :imwith:
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    Dan Jones in the Evening Standard

    :imwith: i occasionally read his drivel with interest since he wrote an article arging that F**ham were a bigger club than Liverpool and Roy Hodgson was making a step down going to Anfield. and he never fails to talk crap. thank you.
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    Are Walsall our least glamorous or interesting opposition?

    i hope other teams don't see us like i think of Walsall. nothing famous about them, no famous ex players, a boring place, rubbish ground, not much of an away day, never bring many to GP, not even got much of a firm have they, i can't even remember what their home kit is and have seen us play...
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    what pubs showed the match last night?

    we found it on on a big screen in the Sports Bar in victoria station which was a touch, but were struggling before that. what about any fellow unloyal socalled "fans" who didn't go to the Valley, where else showed it please for future reference? thank you :nutty: :mad1:
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    Top of the league tomorrow.

    the only team above us playing tomorrow night is Sheffield United and they have got Huddersfield so are not guaranteed 3 points. therefore, if we win we will probably go top. can anyone confirm when were we last top of this league? massive game tomorrow night, COME ON!!! :mad1:
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    Rochdale away - Saturday 26 November

    will be my only new ground. please let me know when the train tickets are available. thank you. :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing:
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    You are the ref

    i started this thread before but i think it is no more due to ongoing engineering works. anyway... :sueme: A player removes his shirt when celebrating a goal he has scored. Underneath he is wearing exactly the same shirt. He then removes this shirt too and has a third shirt on, again exactly...
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    Peterboro away

    :imwith: isn't this game on a tuesday quite soon please? this month innit? only 45 minutes from kings cross. how much is the train there and back please, any deals? i remember we won the league there once. i liked it. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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    Andy Scott's Comments after Plymouth and Colchester

    where are the doubters now?? scott IN!!! good post match interview with Tinman here with him calling the gpg a c**t. :owusu: well done lads. well done those who travelled. Brentford are back. 5 points off the play offs. roll...
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    England v France

    :cutthecrap: the World Cup two biggest bunch of spoilt brats & under acheivers meet tonight at Wembley. are you excited, ARE YOU!? john terrys out all season or something isn't he? who cares. come on England. who is our captain this days anyway? the drug test one or jamie carragher or what...
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    The Ashes 2010/11

    tossers..... :bound: COME ON ENGLAND, WE CAN WIN THIS. :zzzzz: GET YOUR sh*t STARS OFF OUR FLAG!!! :cry:
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    Brentford v Crystal Palace

    :imwith: on Friday night at Griffin Park. is it £10 yes yes? 8pm kick off yes yes? who plays for Palace these days? will just the Braemar be open for home "fans"? (ps - the gpg fixtures still say kick offs 19:45 for all midweek matches this season, please deal, otherwise it just gets...
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    :love2: i warned you, DIDN'T I SAY!!??!?!?.... i think these c**ts deserve a new thread here if we can't talk about the world cup any more. this clip shows the beauty of the instrument played properly...
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    these tuneless horn things the south africans blow throughout the matches are gonna be a right nuisance i reckon, drowning out singing. FIFA say it stays as it is "proper Africa" (the ancient & traditional African orange plastic trumpet!?!?! :love2:). FIFA have also said they will be banned as...
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    League cup round 1 draw (home to Cheltenham)

    someone said yesterday that as we finished in the top nine we will be seeded in the league cup draw. is this the case? rofl lol
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    Can we make the Play-Offs?

    Am I the only one who thinks we still have an outside chance of making the play offs?! we won our six pointer on saturday against the team we need to catch and played them off the park. Huddersfield looked rubbish and i can see them losing all their remaining fixtures. we have a game in hand...
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    League table

    hello cock breath. sorry about the other day. is it possible to have the league table on the gpg please? i find the Fixtures section very helpful in helping me attend matches on the correct date and at the correct venue. is there a rule against publishing the league table without permission...
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    Halifax away at The Shay in the 1990s

    lost 0-1, geoff horsfield scored. F**ham were on tele the friday night the day before i recall. i watched that in york. i think it was our first away game of the season around 15 august? were you the Bees fan who continuously shouted "HALIFUX, HALIFUX, F**K HALIFAX, HALIFUKFUKFUK, HALIFUK...
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    am i banned?

    testing. am i banned too from here now? or half-banned or infracted or something. about half my posts don't appear or get deleted immediately.
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    You are the Steward

    Happy VD fellow losers. this is a feature that Peter Shreeves asked me to start on here but not until Dick Francis dies... The quandry is thus: #1 You are a steward in the away end - big local derby, say saints v pompey; away team 4-0 up at HALF TIME and a lot of home fans are leaving early...
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