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    Stationary at Bletchley-fatality on the line

    Not sure how many other bees are affected by this... Looks unlikely train will get to stoke in time. currently stuck at Bletchley, and no sign of moving any time soon. Would any kind fans driving up be able to give me a lift to the ground from here? Will obviously pay petrol and a few beers at...
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    Membership card

    Trying to get my sheff we'd tickets today, was told I needed my membership card/ email? Never got sent either (luckily I showed them an email from paypal which was fine) worried about Stevenage tickets though-who do I need to contact to try and get hold of my membership number?
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    Jeffrey Monakana

    On trial from arsenal one for the dev squad I imagine
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    FA cup first round highlights

    Used to be one of the best MOTDs when I was a youngster. Yet I can't see it anywere on the tv schedules tonight. Is it on some obscure sky channel?
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    Loan keeper?

    Will uwe bring one in? Will anyone even lend us one if it's pretty much guarenteed they won't play (guess if we pay his wages why not though?) other options: youngster (jack Middleton) Simon Royce (hope not!) short term contract for a currently unattatched keeper
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    Soccer AM

    Just flicking through the channels (wouldnt watch this garbage at any length these days) and saw some comedian(?) wearing a bees shirt Anyone been watching all morning and know what this is about?
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    This cannot be allowed to happen (relegation from premiership scrapped) Repercussions would be immensely awful for clubs like us. How can we (by we i mean fans of football league clubs) work together to prevent this? How about a boycott of buying sky and watching any premiership game live on TV? if this looks...
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    Friendly V Bedfont (3-2)

    Anyone go? Trialists etc...
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    Pre-season starting tomorrow?

    I believe this is the case? If so anyone planning to head down? Would be good to get some of the gossip (any trialists/notable absentees) if not some photos on the official site would also be great as we all try and pass the time and get us more excited about the new season!
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    Reserves V Orient

    We lost 4-3 apparently. Judging by the fact we conceded 3 may not spell good news for Bush and Blake, who were both playing for contracts apparently. Guess we/they will have to wait and see-fingers crossed!
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    Swindon match reports

    Too pissed off to write much-an awful performance against a poor side. I would get rid of every single striker or midfielder, bar possibly saunders (although he offered nothing today) looking at the other results is sickening-the play offs were ours for the taking this year, not that the...
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    Golf lessons in West London

    Does anyone know where I can get some beginners golf lessons in West London (preferably somewhere near Ealing and close to some form of public transport) I am a complete novice having never played before (bar crazy golf, which I have to say I am amazing at) so I guess it would have to be a club...
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    Former Wycombe player guilty of murder Never heard of him, but seems like a story typical (sadly) of some of Londons more dodgy areas. One interesting point is that the murder was actually 6 years ago so he has carried on with his...
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    Half season season ticket?

    I did not purchase a season ticket at the start of this season for the first time in 6 years. The main reason for this being that I am a final year student at university in Guildford so with the increased workload thought it more cost effective to pay on the door to the odd games that I do go...
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    Did any youth team players get offered contracts?

    I beleive today was the day they got offered pro contracts/released (but dont quote me!) Anyone know if any of them were lucky enough to make the cut?
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    How many points do you think we need?

    for promotion: 77 champions:81 what do you all think?
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    Billy Clarke and Darren Powell sign

    Billy Clarke and Darren Powell Discuss.....
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    team photo in the accrington stanley programme

    can anyone kindly scan it onto here? or even better will there be an official one released? would look much better hung up in my room than the one with butcher, mackie, thorpe and tillen on it!
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    thomas pinault

    whats gone wrong? first game of the season he was my MOM and i went home raving to all my mates about him. but recently hes been anonymous and he appears to be on the bench every game now (i have only been to one game since starting uni). is it a lack of commitment or is he just not up to it?
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    northampton updates

    team is in:,,10421~32571,00.html surprised to not see griffiths starting personally
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