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  1. Kingston Bee

    Video Assistant Referees

    Yep just seen it, unable to draw a line at the correct angle due to a technical restriction which means they cannot get a proper view, ended up going with the on field decision which was incorrectly given as offside. Only the FA could introduce a tool into the game that is flawed but making...
  2. Kingston Bee

    Video Assistant Referees

    That is not a problem with VAR, the referee was at fault here. Goal should have stood.
  3. Kingston Bee

    Euro 2020 Finals tickets

    Fully agree, and this is football we are talking about. Being sensible does not come into it.
  4. Kingston Bee

    Albania v England

    In tournamount football its about getting through to the next round, you cannot argue with 6 points from 2 games.
  5. Kingston Bee

    Albania v England

    Unfortunately Henderson could be front of que if you leave out Rice or Phillips. Would hope not but i think England playing with 2 defensive midfielders is here to stay.
  6. Kingston Bee

    Albania v England

    Possibly similar to us playing Norgaard and Janelt in the same team, not enough creativity.
  7. Kingston Bee

    England National Team depends on the 72 clubs outside the PL

    Fully agree, it's all on paper. The difference between being named favourites and winning the tournament is huge, means nothing.
  8. Kingston Bee

    England National Team depends on the 72 clubs outside the PL

    Good Post, I would go further and say why is it we have underperformed consistently at major tournaments, especially with the amount of money flowing through our game.
  9. Kingston Bee

    The forgotten story of Jeff Hall, England footballer whose death turned tide against polio

    Thanks for posting this storey, I was unaware. Especially interesting given current times, and how the issues we face today with getting people to take the vaccine to counter C19 we're prevalent all those years ago with Polio.
  10. Kingston Bee

    New New New New Handball Law

    Have to say this is typical nonsense. Numerous opportunities exist where a change in the law would make a significant impact on the game both in how its played, and how it is watched, yet they choose to change something that firstly no one has noticed being an issue, and secondly will make...
  11. Kingston Bee

    Score Centre 2020 / 2021

    Nothing new, the level of reffing this season has dropped to an all time low imo. Be prepared for more decisions of this nature.
  12. Kingston Bee

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Depends on what the ambitions are. Bit like Brentford saying to its supporter base we are appointing so and so because we want to stay mid table in the Championship, promotion is not for us.
  13. Kingston Bee

    Video Assistant Referees

    Agree it was an utter shambles. A multi million pound industry run and managed by amateurs, when is all this crap going to stop. Don't know about you but its no longer a joke.
  14. Kingston Bee

    Video Assistant Referees

    Absolutely atrocious. Anyone with half a football brain would know that was not a penalty. He should be made to explain to both managers how he came to arrive at that decision. He should be struck off, embarrassing at best.
  15. Kingston Bee

    Warnock on referees

    He complains about officials when he loses because he worked out it helps him to keep his job for longer, its all part of the strategy. Especially if the people that own/run these clubs believe him. He knows exactly what he is doing.....its a game you know...
  16. Kingston Bee

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Has Lampard got all his badges now? If not he should take a leaf out of John Terry's book and learn the trade under an experienced manager before stepping back in.
  17. Kingston Bee

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    When the job offers stop rolling in.
  18. Kingston Bee


    Yes I am sure you're right, unfortunately our win rate does not include games against them in the Premier League.
  19. Kingston Bee

    Covid and the future of games

    The FA have continued to prove over the years they cannot manage a piss up in a brewery. Just because this virus kills people what makes this any different. It's an absolute joke.
  20. Kingston Bee

    Actual punch landed on pitch

    Franny Lee v Norman Hunter
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