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  1. Kingston Bee

    Man of the Match v Blackburn (H) - 07.04.17

    Alan MCc for the cameo...reminding us of what we need to replace....
  2. Kingston Bee

    Bees v Blackburn Matchhday Thread, Reports and Reaction

    Very difficult to judge performances on these end of season games where we have nothing to play for but where the other team are desperate for the 3 points. No coincidence that all 3 teams threatened with relegation all won! All I will say is that to finish 10th is a great achievement given the...
  3. Kingston Bee

    Man of the Match v Fulham (A) - 30.04.17

    Dan, looked assured throughout.
  4. Kingston Bee

    Man of the Match v QPR (H) - 22.04.17

    It was either Jota or Sawyers, but because of that special goal I must give it to Jota. On any other day Sawyers would have edged it.
  5. Kingston Bee

    Bees v QPR Match Reports and Reaction

    What Saturday's game brought home to me was how we have continually improved over the past 2-3 years. You take Jake Bidwell for instance, during his time with us was rated by most supporters as probably our best LB for some time. Yet Jota made him look like Craig Woodman on a bad day, and there...
  6. Kingston Bee

    Champagne Moment versus "Them"

    Too many moments to single one out, but the way Jota made Bidwell look second rate all afternoon sticks in my mind...
  7. Kingston Bee

    Man of the Match v Leeds (H) - 04.04.17

    Harlee with Romaine and Woodsey close behind
  8. Kingston Bee

    Mighty Bees v Leeds Match Reports

    Just how we like it at tinpot Brentford!
  9. Kingston Bee

    Mighty Bees v Leeds Match Reports

    A great performance, 2 different halves requiring different responses but we met them on all counts. This was an example of where the team performance was greater than the sum of parts, everyone contributing to the win. Special mention for Romaine whose technique for the first goal was superb...
  10. Kingston Bee

    Stan Bowles "Fans" Testimonial - GPG Star XI v QPR Star XI - Sat 13th May

    Talking of retrobates, has Chris Kamara been contacted. I am sure that he would like to take part given that he played with Stan, and would be a good contact to have given his links in the football/media world.
  11. Kingston Bee

    Bees v Wolves match reports and discussion

    Completely agree, but unfortunately I don't think we have enough grinders in the team to be able to do this. I think once we get to the point where we do this and have a plan B, we will be knocking on the door to the promised land as per your Huddersfield's and previously Middlesboro. Also when...
  12. Kingston Bee

    Bees v Wolves match reports and discussion

    I think the problem we suffer from is one of expectation. Every time we go on a decent run playing good football like we have last 6-7 games (give or take) some supporters think it is going to last forever. Also given that the Wolves game represented an easier fixture on paper it was just a case...
  13. Kingston Bee

    Man of the Match v Wolves (H) - 14.03.17

    Dean, led by example again.
  14. Kingston Bee

    Bees v Wolves match reports and discussion

    I think both managers summed it up, Smith said worst performance since he has been here and that they had more desire, Lambert said it was just a matter of time before they scored. Both statements hit the nail on the head. Maybe it was because they had more to play for, as shown by a similar...
  15. Kingston Bee

    Bees v Huddersfield match report

    Huddersfield did a job on us today, we were out muscled and bullied when it was required. They are a reflection of their manager, win at all costs. They reminded me of Boro last season and were cynical, physical and basically stopped us from playing. They know how to get results. The Vibe miss...
  16. Kingston Bee

    Man of the Match v Rotherham (H) - 25.02.17

    Jota, was the obvious difference, makes you wonder how the game would have ended up if he had not played.
  17. Kingston Bee

    Rotherham Home Reports and Reaction

    We had all the possession, played all the football, dominated the game, but in true Brentford style left it until time added on to win the game. When looking back at this game the name Jota will stand out, he was the key difference between the teams in the end. Shame about the 2 goals conceded...
  18. Kingston Bee

    Sheffield Wednesday vs. Bees predictions

    Cannot see anything but a home win, not to say that is what it will be. SW to score 2 or 3, without reply.
  19. Kingston Bee

    Team for Preston

    Would start both Egan and Colin if fit otherwise stay the same as Brighton
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