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    Club and BIAS (and other Fan Groups) Consultation re Fulham Tickets

    What's the definition of wrong, I assume it's on a fan by fan basis of whether it's not right. It sounds like they should have just said it will be following the charter unless someone comes up with a really good idea as to why it shouldn't?
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    Middlesbrough Away Saturday 10th August

    The stadium has no open corners so I assume that probably helps with high winds and as has been said we try to keep it on the deck most of the time
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    Parking around GP - Planned "Controlled Parking Zone" for Green Dragon Estate.

    For the last 3 - 4 years I've been bringing my dad to matches and using his blue badge to get us relatively close to the ground before then walking and for the last two seasons wheeling him to the match. Yesterday a spanner was thrown in the works when my mum drove off to Kent with both chair...
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    Reading (A) 28th December

    Its probably worth you calling the Reading ticket office first to confirm where to collect 0118 968 1313. I bought my tickets over the phone from them this morning and was told to collect from a booth between gates 9 & 10 in the South Stand (away supporters end) the ticket office itself is in...
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    Reading (A) 28th December

    So if you pay on the day is that traditional, pay at he turnstile stuff or do you need to go to their ticket office? This might be useful for others in the same predicament: I am going to attend with my dad who doesn't walk to well anymore and can only do short distances, I contacted customer...
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