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    RIP Fife Bee

    RIP Ian, condolences to you and your family Silly Hat
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    RIP Miriam Waterman

    Sorry to hear of your loss, RIP Miriam
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    R I P - Jack Shill

    RiP Jack, condolences to the family, lovely tribute
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    RIP - Gary Harwood

    RIP Gary and condolences to the family
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    Joyce Neate - Brentford FC - RIP

    RIP Joyce
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    Roy Woolsey RIP

    RIP Roy
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    Tim Crowe RIP 30/11/1936 - 23/05/2020

    No problem at all Ace Face its a very good point that you make.
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    Tim Crowe RIP 30/11/1936 - 23/05/2020

    Thank you all for the kind messages, its very much appreciated by me and the family
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    Tim Crowe RIP 30/11/1936 - 23/05/2020

    My Dad was born in Silver Crescent, Chiswick in 1936, the second world war shaped his childhood years with stories he relayed of doodle bugs, 1,000 raids, shrapnel collections and war time cups. He first ventured to Griffin Park with his Dad, a Norwich City supporter who had moved to West...
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    Peter Ilett RIP

    RIP Peter
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    John Hodgins R.I.P

    RIP John
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    RIP Hamburger Hill / Matt Newman

    RIP Matt, heart felt condolences to all your family
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    Sandra Briers RIP

    A fine tribute, it had me wiping away the tears whilst on the tube this evening. RIP Sandra
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    Dennis Edwards - Brentford FC - RIP

    RIP Dennis, I was born in Jan 68 so i don't remember any of this
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    John Lichfield

    RIP, condolences to his family & friends
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    John Bateup (Hastings John) (south coast bees) RIP

    RIP John, another one taken away at what nowadays seems a young age.
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    My Father Gerry Shaw

    Sorry to hear of your loss, RIP Gerry
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    Dave Stringer (opinions5u) RIP

    RIP Dave, I've really enjoyed his posts in recent years, he was always very supportive of the Bees and provided us with a gentle reminder of how lucky we have been as a club in recent years
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    RIP Peter Scott

    Sorry for your loss, a very moving post
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    Joel Spiro - Bees66 - RIP

    Terrible news, thats no age at all nowadays, RIP Joel
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