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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Maybe if Stuart Atwell or Stroud was the ref. But it was definitely a yellow card from which ever angle you look at it and that made of two them in Kane's case.
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    Wigan Athletic Enter Administration

    Hopefully Thomas just gets the team focusing on the match and leaves the speculation to the GPG
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    Championship Matches 33 - All the non-Bees Action

    Leeds looked very good against us but as has been said, fairly toothless. Most teams they play probably try to park the bus, bank up and hit them on the break. If their attack remains poor I can see them continuing to drop points against teams that we might expect them to beat. I don't think...
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    January 2020 Transfer Window - Other Clubs

    Matt Smith recalled from loan at QPR and gone to Charlton
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    Leatherhead FC

    They might be able to lay their hands on a 2nd user set this summer, ex Chelsea apparently
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    Lyle Taylor

    Weird reply I would have thought it's what we would all wish?
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    Lewis Hamilton gives answer on How to Save The Planet

    I think he was avoiding UK tax in Switzerland before they marginally tightened things up and he moved to Monaco. He is a talented driver but a massive whingeing bellend
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    FC Midtjylland

    You may not have heard but they are another club owned by the same chap who owns the Bees. In fact there is quite a bit of shared resourcing between the clubs, both in the backroom and in terms of loaning players, in particular between the development squads. I hope that may have helped to...
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    Video Assistant Referees

    Agreed, based on the amount of clear offside decisions that were not given prior to VAR you could go as far as saying the attacking player has to have a sliver of daylight/floodlight between them and the defender and still be better than what we have now, I.e. their body has to be in front...
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    Fulham thread

    My understanding is that sort of clause is now the norm in the PL and it is only truly stupid clubs like the Ra-Ras that don't/didn't have such a clause. It does of course beg the question as to why we then need to have such large parachute payments
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    Non-League Clubs in Crisis

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    Birmingham City Deducted Meaningless 9 Points

    It probably needs two to three in relatively quick succession but BWFC are a big enough name with a hreitage that goes back to the dawn of time in English football terms and would make a big splash if they folded completely
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    Birmingham City Deducted Meaningless 9 Points

    If it resets FFP it's hardly a gamble, it would be good to see whether that is the case. As has already been mentioned the EFL are probably scared of a protracted legal action and are now setting a precedent. It looks like it's going to need a few big name clubs to actually go bust before...
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    The use of flares etc at football

    I'm bemused if its culturally acceptable to throw flares, dead animal parts, etc. onto a pitch in Europe, how are we falling foul of European imposed restrictions? In the UK I think the authorities stance on flares is set by the memory of Bradford as much as safe standing is set by Hillsborough.
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    Fulham thread

    To a large degree the strategy employed by Burnley and WBA before them should be applauded, they got promoted from the Championship, on more than one occasion and then ensured they used the riches that provided to finally stay up with a sustainable future. I would say they had their affairs in...
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    Notts County FC in financial difficulty?

    Its not great but it normally works the otherway round with the club used as a debt hole.
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    Coventry City - to ground-share with Birmingham City

    I don't imagine their relocation to Coventry did the local RFU club any favours either. Its one thing to move from W London to H Wycombe but now Wasps are no better than Franchise FC, a bloody Cuckoo
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    Fulham thread

    I am fairly sure that the chap that did those reports on various football clubs finances, that circulated on here a few years back, mentioned that one of the many reasons that QPR where in such poor state was that most promoted clubs now have relegation clauses written into players contracts and...
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    I think it might be quite difficult to reconcile Freeman it's as if he has always harboured some specific hatred of us maybe too much of a Ra Ra now?
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    Goalkeepers and the 6 Second Rule (Split from QPR Thread)

    Its almost as bad as feeding in the scrum... oops wrong site
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