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    B Team v Celtic Res. (A) 26 Nov

    Match report on the official site, Arthur Read is credited with the first goal, Morgensen is credited with getting their player sent off. Their scorer was Armstrong Oko-Flex, apparently a distant relative of Stretch
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    Brentford B v Albacete

    What's the score with Oksanen, he was touted as the next to break through from the B team, a year or so ago, then had an injury but seems to have stalled a bit now?
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    London Senior Cup Final 2020 v Hendon (L 0-1)

    Maybe net theft is rife in the area and they don't want to run any unnecessary risks....
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    QPR U-23s 30th August

    Good to see Yearwood scoring to, I think I am right in saying he didn't have any league goals to his name at Southend? Has he been played in a more advanced role in this match to maybe give him more confidence to pull the trigger when opportunity presents itself?
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    What's the "In It"? Is that like you have to be In It to Win It...
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