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    Rugby World Cup Final 2019 - England v South Africa

    It looks like the prep work during the week didn't manage to truly press the reset button from last weekends glory, plus SA executed their game plan to perfection.
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    Tour de France 2019

    I think if anyone was to try and pull that move on the road to Paris it would more than likely be snuffed out. But if it was only 15 seconds you only need a puncture or some other mechanical to befall the yellow jersey as the whizz around the circuit and protocol could go out of the window.
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    Tour de France 2019

    Still no official timings, the hail and sleet has no doubt been replaced by a massive $€!t storm as all the teams, bar Ineos, kick off
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    Tour de France 2019

    He is a young rider that has shown promise since he came on the scene, but has lacked consistency. It's not that surprising that he should start to add consistency as he developes. This years TDF is wide open with a lot of GC riders failing to live up to expectations. It would be an amazing...
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    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Yer they were probably dieing to get out of cricketing hq and said "just write that thing down you said about the boundaries, it's not like its ever going to happen and besides there's a beer with my name on it". And that's how silly laws get written!
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    Rugby/Six Nations 2019

    Well Farrell's synopsis in the 95th minute was spot on, now all England need to do is find someone who can work these things out in the 45th minute of such a match and do something about it.
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