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    Frank Lampard's Derby Charged by FA

    No, I working on walking back from the station at the time and knew I should have included a disclaimer to place all the blame for the 9.75 at Heavywollens door:D
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    Frank Lampard's Derby Charged by FA

    Was it the Derby chairman that said they were going to really go for it this season but if it didn't work out they were going to have to seriously curb their finances? Oh I dearly hope my memories not letting me down
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    Frank Lampard's Derby Charged by FA

    75% or 9.75 of the Derby players on the field. Presumably Nana tried keying in 3/4 via the GPG Supercomputer and the computer said no...
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    FT: Brentford 2 (Maupay, Watkins) Ipswich 0

    Ogbene? Maybe playing dominoes with Josh McE? First team squad but missed out on the final cut
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    FT: Swansea City 3 Brentford 0

    Style and approach doesn't necessarily mean formation, in the GPGs TF interviews Part 1 TF states he wants two systems a lot 4-3-3 and the 5-2-3 and explains his reasons why. It's possible that he is sticking with 5-2-3 as his left back option isn't left footed and he doesn't trust his other...
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    FT: Swansea City 3 Brentford 0

    Has anyone tried texting/messaging Billy to tell him that we can't hear whatever it is he can hear on the bloody ISDN? Well done for those that travelled, it sounds like a very depressing performance despite how well Swansea have played
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    FT: Wigan 0 - 0 Bees

    They are managed by a **** so not surprised
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    FT: Wigan 0 - 0 Bees

    We are about to find out, options on the bench to switch to a 4 3 3 if it's not working out but we look secure
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    B team fixtures

    It sounds like the approach to take is to assume that if it's not advertised its closed door, if that's incorrect then maybe someone at the club will get round to thinking how odd it is that supporters don't turn up anymore to non-advertised matches and you and others won't be disappointed...
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    FT: Wednesday 2 Brentford 0

    They won't be fans
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    Team vs Hull

    The play offs might be gone but there aren't many points between us and finishing in the top 10 again. What's the latest on Marcondes, i thought they said he was running again a couple of weeks ago?
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    FT: Forest 2 - 1 Bees (Canos)

    I really can't see us resting players for Wednesday it's not just another league game after all
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    Non-League Barnet (H) Reports and Reaction

    He was already on a yellow, I believe? Some referees would have given a yellow for the intent regardless of whether he made contact
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    FT: Bees 3 (Canos, Janvier, Maupay) Non League Barnet 1

    Not sure what happened there, popped out to put the bins out at H/T and came back in to find someone commentating on the Ra-Ras and then it suddenly flipped back to the Super Bees..
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    Non-League Barnet's Chairman's Statement on the Replay

    I assume he is trying to stoke things up within his own club, to bring the team and supporters together under the banner of the oppressed non-leaguers battling against both the opposition and the authorities. Of course it's mostly b***ock he's spouting.
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    Bees v Blackburn Rovers Match Reports & Reaction

    Give it a few more weeks and Marcondes should be back to. If the others stay fit we will have some great options to rotate through with the front three
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    Bees v Blackburn Rovers Match Reports & Reaction

    It was certainly out of order that one of their supporters through what looked like a coin at our players whilst they were celebrating. Ollie picked it up thanked them all and stuck it in his sock, I hope he handed it in to the ref afterwards and explained where it had com from
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    Full time: Birmingham City 0 Brentford 0

    You could of course argue that TF now has parity with DS in terms of the number of coaches supporting him and the current results are on par with DS final few matches
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    Team vs Bolton

    Personally I think we need a change of formation, the following are apparent cons of playing 4-3-3, sound familiar... The flipside is that a 4-3-3 which can't keep hold of the ball while attacking is potentially very vulnerable. The only players left back in defence are the centre-backs and...
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    Team vs WBA

    If your bench has suddenly strengthened surely that means you have got more options to start players that you don't expect to last 90mins, some won't be match fit but you still want to start with as strong and well balanced side as possible IMO
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