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    Rico: Appeal Successful

    Assuming we get promoted it wouldn't be surprising if a new EPL diversity driven sizest quota allowed him to follow us
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    Team vs Swansea (A) - PO Semi-Final First Leg

    Did Canos ever play 90mins before his injury? I'm sure he will play a part but I suspect it will be from the bench.
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    Will There be Friendlies before Season Resumption?

    Presumably you can only play friendlies against other teams that are also routinely testing their players?
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    FT: Millwall 1 Bees 0

    It's not like the nice words and compliments were for one match, the Christmas/new year schedule is a slog, which always throws up some odd results, let's not get too melodramatic
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    Wigan 0-3 Brentford: Match Reports

    Does anyone have a view regards Roerslev, he has been included on the bench a couple of times now, is this to savour the atmosphere or is he good enough to get minutes now? Apologies is this has already been asked elsewhere
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    FT: Brentford 0-1 Huddersfield Town

    Well that caps off a $h1t Saturday of sport, I think I'll pop into M&S and get some comfort food to cheer me up
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    QPR 1-3 Brentford: Match Reports

    Slightly off topic but are referees told to ignore this rule when a defender deliberately shields the ball out for a goal kick with no intention of playing it, or is there a more specific rule that governs that scenario? Assuming it should be foul i find that one as annoying as RU referees...
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    Who left early thread, name and shame . . .

    I think the only time I've left early was when we got hammered at home by Huddersfield, some years ago. My steadfastness is partly built on eternal optimism (for the Bees), a desire to get my moneys worth, filing the disappointments under "character building" and the notion that every once and...
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    Brentford 3-2 Millwall: Match Reports

    Valencia looked good when he came on and Benrahma moved to a more central position, crazy scenes at the end. The Chiswick roundabout was a bit of a nightmare afterwards, the problem seemed to be towards Kew, I did wonder whether it might have been Millwall supporters throwing themselves off the...
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    Forest 1-0 Brentford: Match Reports

    Neither did I :scratch:
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    Forest 1-0 Brentford: Match Reports

    I don't follow Forest, so I couldn't really say whether they deserve it. They are up there though, so if they are poor or average their also currently effective :shrug:
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    Forest 1-0 Brentford: Match Reports

    And your obviously aware that they are joint top this evening?
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    FT: Forest 1 Bees 0

    Apparently they will be back after half time, maybe someone has tripped over the connection going for a cuppa?
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    Brentford 1-1 Bristol City: Match Reports

    You have to remember that IDBI currently benefits from one of the best seats in GP which allows them to see stuff that other fans don't, you may as well stop now, resistance is futile
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    FT: Bees 1 (Dasilva) Bristol City 1

    Roll on the arrival of the new set piece coach, we might be able to get vaguely excited by a corner again
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    FT: Bees 1 (Dasilva) Bristol City 1

    He's a goalie, they only ever sweat on hot days?
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    FT: Bees 1 (Dasilva) Bristol City 1

    I imagine we might see Karelis a bit sooner than Sunday if it remains all square, some good options off the bench to change things
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    FT Brentford v Stoke 0-0

    I thought the front three was the problem today, there was effort but they were all poor, with bad first touch and rubbish decision making. I don't think I've seen Said have such a bad performance and was surprised he wasn't pulled instead of Mbeumo. Karelis looked a few weeks away from being...
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