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    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    Now that they are out of the Champions League Mourinho needs to find something else to do with their Wednesdays?
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    Cardiff City (H) - Rearranged 13th March 19:45 (Live on Sky)

    Plus we finally managed to afford covers a few years back, that reduced the number of postponements due to the pitch being frozen. I expect transport was a factor in the decision with GWR running a very limited service yesterday and presumably disrupted today? It still seems a somewhat premature...
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    Preston NE (H) Reports & Reactions

    What was particularly annoying was having made such a point of ensuring their rightback take the throw in from the correct position, within a minute they get another throw in on the same side, the defender again steals meters and that time he says nothing. At that point its a yellow and lays out...
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    Brentford v Notts County updates........

    Well that was very frustrating, we seemed to create plenty of good openings but couldn't convert.
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    Aston Villa (H) Boxing Day. Now 19:30 Live on Sky

    Oh and you think an excuse like that will save you from Captain Scarlet and the assembled might of Spectrum do you?
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    Brentford v Barnsley Match Reports and Reaction

    I thought we played well first half but it was very frustrating to see a combination of chances not taken and last ditched Barnsley defending preventing us from going ahead. As others have said we just seemed to lose our way in the second half and we were quite poor. I agree with jlove the front...
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    Brentford v Barnsley Match Reports and Reaction

    I was sat opposite in the new road and it looked deliberate, Josh took the ball and the guy throws himself through the back of him bringing him down with his weight across the back of his calves and ankles. I wouldn't have said that it was malicious, more petulant but still resulted in Josh...
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    Super Bees v Leeds...updates...

    Don't be too shocked, it was Stuart Atwell after all
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    Super Bees v Leeds...updates...

    That's exactly what I said when the 3rd went in :sorted:
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    Bees 1 Millwall 0 Reports and Reaction

    Great game, shame we couldn't have put one of tha chances away in the first half as the game would have opened up earlier and we would hopefully had more. JC had a great game at left back and roasted their right back several times first half but then finds he has to cut back to his right foot. A...
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    Team v Millwall

    Sorry to go off topic but I have a logistical problem for today's game which I am hoping someone can help with? I am bringing my 80 year old dad, who is very wobbly on his legs, I normally bring him in his wheel chair, but he has just rung to tell me that my mum, who is visiting a friend in...
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    FT: Bolton 0 - 3 Bees (Barbet, Yennaris, Watkins)

    Surely the English football translation is Morps, pronouned "Morps".... I bet that's what Woodsy calls him.
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    Bees vs Norwich City Match Reports and Reaction - League Cup 3rd Round

    Now this is much more like a Brentford League Cup updates thread! The good news is we gave a run out to a few of the younger players, who might be called upon to slot into the first team at some point and we came away with no further injuries. We can now concentrate on Saturday and hopefully...
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    Bees v Wolves Reports and Reaction

    With regard to Nico's freekick it appeared to me that it was some fancy training move that went horribly wrong? I was looking at this from Block 501, so not the greatest vantage point, but he appeared to side foot it and place it at the bottom of the wall, was he expecting them to jump and the...
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    Super Bees v Forest...updates....

    Unfortunately i think the problem is that we are selling club and for largely inexplicable reasons the summer transfer window is allowed to extend in to the first month of the season. Not much we can do about the 1st bit, when we have players other clubs desire, but the football world could...
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    Southampton (H): Updates, Reports and Reaction

    One of them will be promoted to the "finishers" as Eddie Jones would pitch it
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