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    Transfer Forum: Was it a Success or Not?

    Is that apart from the rumour incoming threads that turn into actual signings? I think the GPG as a whole did well in weading out wild rumours from unreliable sources and over time the ridicule heaped on people that post without first researching the source will tighten that up further. I...
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Most people earning that sort of money enlist an accountant to look after their tax affairs and end up paying nothing close to their expected contribution.
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    Barry Bannan

    It was 2011, he was in his early twenties and at 5'6" he probably had trouble looking over the steering wheel, drunk or otherwise. He may have changed and he may not be a dickhead when it comes to football matters; although he probably hasn't got any taller
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    It sounds like the sort of thing an agent might tell a player to demand. If there is any truth in it I guess we shall just see a Mexican standoff until his agent gives up on the extra bubble and they both move on.
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    SIGNED Vitaly Janelt signs four year contract.

    I thought Gogia was Bulgarian/Eastern European, bought from a German club?
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    Signed New Contract David Raya

    Is he in training or full training? If he has had a knee injury he might not be ready for Saturday.
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    Robin Hack (Nuremburg Winger)

    From whats been said it sounds like Koln need to offer a bid closer to the asking price, that will probably persuad Nurnberg to sell. The problem is Koln sound like the West Ham of the Bundersliga?
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    There is a lot of it about at the moment
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    Yasser Larouci (Liverpool Left Back)

    The wonder is that Rico managed to get through a whole season without a serious injury. In the small amount of time Thompson has had on the pitch has he let us down?
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    Bright Osayi-Samuel (QPR)

    Its just a rumour...
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window Forum

    Fortunately I don't think Phil and Rasmus are ready to handover control of the transfer window to the GPG just yet
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window Forum

    Is it possible to have the forum act like a forum when you select it as a thread? I found that if you navigate to Forums and then select the 2020 transfers Forum it works really well having all the threads nested within. I normally go to latest to see whats new, can it not appear as a Forum...
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    Bannon is Scottish so won't help with the homegrown quota, plus his age is against him. Always seems to be the best opposition player on the pitch whenever we play SW though
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    The players contract is going to be determined by employment law, so unless there is some contingency already built into the contract or all footballers agree unilaterally to some emergency change, then it's quite possible that the integrity of the season will be fatally compromised
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