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    Bees v Wolves match reports and discussion

    I assume this was supposed to be accompanied by a fishing rod? As the comments on the thread suggest its one thing to turn out for the side and totally different to turn up
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    Latest Bees 1 (Colin) - 2 Wolves

    Young squad, too many games, not enough rotation. Subs were poor, surely that was a game to bring Hofmann on, as it would have had a better chance of sticking up front and giving the defence some rest.
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    Brentford v Burton updates

    Quite right we don't know that he isn't injured and as he seems to have spent most the season injured, chances are he probably is
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    Sheffield Wednesday (Home) Reports and Reaction

    An attacking midfield of LM, RM and LV just does not work, there is nothing much wrong with any of them as individual players but not in that combination, with two playing out of position. At least Lasses sending off will force Smiths hand for the next match. I personally don't think that the...
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    Sheffield Wednesday (Home) Reports and Reaction

    Who actually owns Wednesday these days, we already know that moving to LR and filling it each week won't cover our current costs, so I would say they are a club without the protection of powerchute payments throwing the dice big time. If it comes off then they will all have happy smiley faces...
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    FT: Huddersfield 1 - 5 Bees (Canos, Hogan (2), Vibe, Swift)

    They will moan continuously through whats left of May and then June that we haven't announced any new signings and Les B will point out AGAIN that player contracts don't end until the 30th June and therefore don't expect to hear much before then, but this won't stop them; we apparently need a...
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    Team for Forest

    ---------------------------Button------------------------- Yennaris---------Dean--------------Barbet--------Bidwell -----------------Woods-----------McCormack------------ Hogan---------------------Vibe--------------------Judge --------------------------Leandro------------------------
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    Team v Blackburn

    Assuming no one comes in on loan I would go with this and hope to see Hogan come off the bench for the last 15. Did I hear Hofmann had a back spasm that ruled him out on Saturday Button Yannaris Dean Barbet...
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    Bees v Derby Match report

    Yep in many other respects he was poor, but he did pull them up continuously for playing man rather ball. It's a shame he wasn't so hot on blatant handballs.
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    Bees v Derby Match report

    Well that was all very depressing, first half we were just physically dominated, I actually thought the ref gave us a reasonable amount of protection, pulling Derby players up when they played the man with no attempt to play the ball. We always looked like conceding so it was a very pleasant...
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    Super Bees v Seagulls...updates...

    I know you like to crush all hope out of other posters, but unless your Hogan's personal fitness instructor of Nostradamus, you have no idea how many games Hogan will play this season. None of us know whether Hogan will actually cut it in the Championship, but if he is back into contact...
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    Team for Burnley

    Button Colin Dean Tarks Bidwell Woods Toums Canos Vibe Judge Hofmann
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    Team v Middlesbrough

    Who would you be furious with? If their heads are not in the right place (I take that to mean they won't put in a performance), wouldn't playing them be in effect fielding a weakened team? I completely understand being furious at the idea that someone you are paying would put in a bad...
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    Team v Middlesbrough

    Assuming that Tarks & Toums don't play due to current transfer activity an Macca is injured how about this Button Colin Dean O'Connell Bidwell Woods Barbet Canos Vibe Judge Hofmann...
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    Brentford v Walsall Match Report thread

    Not without a fishing rod or something else to make it more obvious...
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    Brentford v Walsall Match Report thread

    Shhh... don't go spoiling HertfordBee's narrative, I am sure he is tracking both of their whereabouts via GPS
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    Brentford v Walsall Match Report thread

    Being 1 nil down I think we should have thrown the dice and gone 3 5 2 with Hof and MD up front, we sort of ended up with that in the end by throwing Dean forward anyway; are the benefit of hindsight...
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    Super Bees 0 v Walsall 1 score

    The way this season has panned out, I think we could really do without the extra games and distraction, that may sound like a typical reaction to going out of any cup, but I do think it applies to us this year. Its looking more like a mid table finish, possibly scrape a play off dependent on...
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    Birmingham Reports and Reaction

    Well in that case TadB possibly does have a point, as you begin to tire (become fatigued) your ability to make clear and concise decisions begins to suffer resulting in "switching off" and enhancing your chances of poorly executing something that partly relies on mental concentration; picking...
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    Birmingham Reports and Reaction

    There was nothing much wrong with our home performance last season, we outplayed them with ten men. The results on the other hand have not gone our way for sometime and for me they are probably one of the teams I have reason to dislike the most after our west London rivals. But hey look on the...
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