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    Joe Hardy

    Well that's an odd one, if ever there was. One of the standout features watching the Liverpool youngsters against Everton, last night, was the amount of work they got through maintaining a high press. So if JH's apparent failing was what he didn't do when he wasn't scoring goals, its very hard...
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    Josh McEachran

    Was this a retrospective comment after his introduction or as he was coming on?
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    Paul Priddy

    Good god could this be our new claim to fame when we lose the pub on each corner, Lewis 'loner' Grabbens favourite club? I'd prefer Champions of Europe, come on you Bees!!
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    Saido Berahino

    Far too good for us apparently:rolleyes:
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    Daniel Bentley

    Unless he has posted this information somewhere I can't help you, I said "presumably rates him"
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    Daniel Bentley

    You don't think it's a clean process for a gk coach to favour someone he has worked with previously and presumably rates? We better send Norgard back then on that basis?
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    Harlee Dean

    It doesn't appear to read that way...
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    Lewis Grabban

    And that’s apparently exactly what happened with Murray Jones, paid some lackey at an A1 Little Chef, the rest is history
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    Courtney Senior

    It’s good to see another product of our youth system making progress in the league, still only 20 so plenty of time to progress further
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    Do you mean they have the guarantee of never having to work again from a relatively young age or are you inferring that footballers are all one trick ponies, incapable of doing anything else that pays a salary?
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    Mark Warburton

    I had a look at their LTLF forum last night to see what the sentiment was following their recent run of form and left thinking the fans still had confidence (not sure thats the right word) in him, so really surprised to see him gone this morning. My cynical side says that Fat Frank disagreeing...
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    Marco Djuricin

    I don't have a dentist appointment today, so spill the beans
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    History sort of repeats itself, didn't Nicky Forster do his knee really badly shortly after joining Brum?
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    Like most large cities in this country Birmingham has its very nice leafy suburbs and its inner city hellholes. North Warwickshire and Oxfordshire is full of small idyllic villages and market towns within an hours drive of BCFC, so whilst I've never thought much of the city, its the area he...
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    Michael Turner

    Turner didn't play for a top 5 club, but he did go on to better himself and play in the Premiership and clubs in a higher position than ourselves; or am I missing your point?
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    Martin Allen

    I wonder if he is any good at motivating builders to work faster... we might have role for that coming up next month!
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    Marinus Dijkhuizen

    Please try to keep up Mr Tree, every league outside of England is utter sh!te and thats why the England national team has been omnipotent on the European and world stage for as long as anyone can remember...
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    Moses Odubajo

    A few posts up someone suggested that Moses is now on £1m a year, so a squad of 25 players + on similar wages is going to burn your parachute payment. It's still a massive advantage compared with other clubs having to pay through the nose to make a promotion push but I assume the challenges of...
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    Managed to stay in the UK then, sort of...
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    Uwe Rosler

    Hmm.... but when we have gone toe to toe in these matches we have always looked like scoring more goals than the other team, the only match thats worried me was the last 20 against MKD but thats bcause we got a bit too arrogant and as Warbs described it sloppy. I thinks thats more of a danger to...
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