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    Team v Norwich City (Away)

    Janelt was apparently recruited as a No. 8 and has proven to be a very good replacement 6 for CN whilst he was injured. We won't know how good an 8 Janelt is until he plays there but I'd much rather see him retained in midfield than moved to a position that Sorensen, so far, has covered quite...
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    Our Free Kicks in the Opponents Half

    His long throws are emulating an attacking free kick from a similar area, I.e. if we got a free kick 5yds in from the touchline in the same area we would put that into the box and we are doing the same with the long throw. Its different than the long range free kick fom 10-15yds inside the...
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    Our Free Kicks in the Opponents Half

    The example you have given of the 3rd goal against SW was roughly on the rugby 22 and was only ever going to be an attacking set piece. It was a bit different to a free kick in the area that you talk about, even if those do frustrate when they go sideways or backwards. I've assumed we do it to...
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    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    Teams have been using the high press against us for the last 2 or 3 seasons, you make it sound like Barnsley were the first team to have stumbled across some magic formula. We have been playing, through, around and over it all season. We currently have injuries, look fatigued and that looks like...
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    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    It probably needs a change of formation, you need the right blend of players all on their game to play 4-3-3 successfully and now we appear to have lost Rico for god knows how many weeks we will probably see an enforced change in formation
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    Team v Reading

    Ideally we would probably want to rest Dalsgaard on the basis that he doesn't seem to have 3 matches in a week left in him without an impact on performance. Maybe Roerslev will start and see whether Reid is ready to give the team 60mins, with Dalsgaard an option from the bench?
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    Final Score Middlesbrough 1 - 4 Bees (Toney(2), Janelt, Jensen)

    Fantastic win in really difficult conditions. I really don't get some of the GPG trolls that appear every time they think there's a sniff of one of their own players having made a mistake. Have a great night all
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    Final Score Bees 3 - 2 Bristol City (Canos, Toney, Ghoddos)

    How many goals do you reckon we will concede if he breaks down and is out for four weeks?
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    Final Score Bees 3 - 2 Bristol City (Canos, Toney, Ghoddos)

    When Toney went off I think Forss went central and Mads Roerslev played on the right wing. Ethan made it a bit more exciting than it needed to be, but up to second and Norwich seem to be having a bit of a wobble. Another draw for Norwich against Swansea on Friday would be handy
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    Final Score Bees 7 - 2 Wycombe (Pinnock, Toney (3 (1 pen)), Fosu, Canos, JDS)

    We seem to be intent to try and intricately pass out of defence when it is sometimes acceptable to just put your foot through it
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    Bees v Blackburn Updates

    Thanks for your insights, its always good to hear from parallel universes unencumbered by financial reality...
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    Bees v Blackburn Updates

    It looks like it takes a deflection of Thompsons foot to take it past Raya. Terrible substitutions, so frustrating
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    Stroud is Referee for Stoke (A)

    At least he is generally considered useless in equal measure by both sets of supporters.
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