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    Yeovil Town match reports and reaction

    We should all be millionaires, One can always be sure when betting against Brentford.
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    Tranmere Rovers Weather Watch - MATCH OFF - Club Responds

    Barnet;s game went ahead as did Gillingham's. Am sure both those regions had as much snow as us. I think more could have been done to get this game on.
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    Chester game in doubt?

    If the game gets called off, the next fixture is at another northern outpost, Accrington Stanley. Time to lay the hoo-doo to rest.
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    Macclesfield v Brentford updates (Latest: Macc 2-0 Bees)

    It could be my mistake, watching Soccer Saturday, commentator said it was 2-0 and a pen to Macclesfield
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    Macclesfield v Brentford updates (Latest: Macc 2-0 Bees)

    3-0 down now - Looks like a Chester style debacle
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    Bees v Swans..updates...

    Turner and Sodge should have dealt with the aerial threat, both to blame for that goal. Ironically I think its the best thing that could have happened. We can't sit back now, better to lose going for it than to try and hang on and nick a goal.
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    Round Five Opponents - Charlton away

    Reasonable chance of TV I think, the obvious TV games are Liverpool - Man Utd Newcastle - Southampton Charlton - Brentford ? Bolton - West Ham
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    Bees vs Luton Updates

    Brentford are just so lucky that Bournemouth and Hartlepool are just as crap as we are. We'd embarass ourselves in the Championship with this side. Can't see us picking up the required points, if we can't get points against Huddersfield and Bradford what chance against Hull.
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    Bees vs Luton Updates

    I think were done for this season, 3 losses on the bounce. :(
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    Bees v Huddersfield updates

    I wouldn't be suprised if Bristol City slip in at the expense of either Sheffield Wednesday, Bees, Hartlepool or Bournemouth. Bees have by far the worst run-in, Luton will be so desperate to beat us.
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    Updates Anybody

    Are we actually creating chances for our strikers to score ??? Or our are strikers that bad !!! Looks like it will go to the wire, I reckon Barnsley might sneak up and take one of those play-off places. Combined form of Bournemouth, Hartlepool and Bees variable to say the least !!!
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    Updates Anybody

    Brentford seem to raise their games against the better sides in this division, I think we have dropped a fair number of points against the bottom four. We haven't thrashed anyone in a while either. I know its a silly question but is coming 7th better than making the play-offs and losing in...
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    Updates Anybody

    You can always count on Brentford to make it hard when its a home banker. I wouldn't be suprised if posh nick a 1-0 win :(
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    Saints Updates (rounding up the unfortunates).

    Fantastic result, in fact one Brentford's greatest results ever. ;) Gutted that I couldn't go but work commitents scuppered my chances of going to this game. V V happy tonight :wave:
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    We've got Hartlepool or Boston in the 4th round

    Re: We've got Hartlepool or boston in the 4th round Its an excellent draw. Allows us a very good chance of making Round 5. Looking at draw, you'd expect most of the big guns to get through to round 5. Brentford may be the lowest placed side left when Round 5 draw comes up. I'd expect a...
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    FA Cup Round 4 - Who do you want

    I predict Bees will be drawn away to Leicester City / Blackpool :( Hoping that they get drawn to one of the premiership big four - home or away.
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    Bristol City FAC1R Match Reports

    My first game of the season, what a game. Fantastic performance by the lads, I was pleased especially that Leroy Lita got his come-uppance. Just so happy we got around the penalty shoot out curse. One of the finest nights ever for Brentford F.C.
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    Bristol City - FA Cup - Updates

    Bloody Leroy Lita scores yet again to deny us. But all in all an excellent result considering how well City have been playing.
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    FA Cup Draw

    Draw could have been worse, we could have got Tranmere away, we never win there !
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