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    London Irish RFC and the Brentford Community Stadium

    You should get in touch with the club and run through your calculations, maybe there is something they are missing? From memory we made changes to the deal within the last 24 months. We have done very well from transfer revenue but its not guaranteed that we can keep on topping it up with as...
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    London Irish RFC and the Brentford Community Stadium

    They will want to acclimatise with the pitch and ground, its hardly home advantage if you have never played on the pitch before your first match. I've been wondering what effect the low intersections between the South and East/ West stands have on high balls on a windy day, it could be more...
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    Lionel Road Seats

    Well not exactly as they also appear to have red ones interspersed, breaking up the Amber and black?
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    Lionel Road Stadium Handover to BFC

    I wonder how many balls, per season, will be lost over the back of the North stand and on to the railway line, or through the juncture between East and South stands?
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    Lionel Road Stadium Handover to BFC

    I would have thought any return to full crowd attendance is going to be phased anyway, so hopefully it will compliment LRs need for a certificate
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    New Stadium at Night - WOW!!!

    Is it smart LED lighting so they can change the colour or get it to transition through multiple colours?
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    Construction Stopped at New Stadium?

    Does the progress of the enabling development behind the South Stand impact the ability to get the safety certificate; I.e. in it's current state are you allowed to move large numbers of the public passed it provided there is no work going on?
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    Opening of Lionel Road compromised by Coronavirus?

    Let's see if the developer is in a position to carry on with their current plans, by the time it becomes relevant. Its quite possible the economy will be impacted to such an extent that they may have to delay their current plans.
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    Opening of Lionel Road compromised by Coronavirus?

    Have the details of the test events been published, I thought I'd seen them on one of LR threads? Am I right in thinking the initial test event has a fairly small crowd requirement, as its predominantly a system test and then the 2nd and 3rd test events introduce larger crowds and are volume...
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    8 Stations within easy reach / London Irish marketing

    Have they gone bankrupt whilst getting relegated and promoted over the last few seasons, bearing in mind their deal at Reading is supposed to be less favourable. The club wouldn't have wanted a tenant unless they thought there was an upside to it.
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    January 2020 Update from the Drone

    As you indicate, I assume the initial test event will be targeted at systems rather than moving people through at capacity
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    January 2020 Update from the Drone

    Great work and thanks for the continued updates. The work on the supporting development seems to be carrying on at pace, do the blocks in front of the South stand need to be completed on the exterior before the test events begin? I was thinking of H&S for accessing the stadium
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    Drone December 2019 Update: It's Goodbye from me....

    Absolutely brilliant, thanks so much for your dedication documenting the stadiums progress and the hours this has taken. It's looking superb
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    Multi-Coloured Seats at New Stadium

    Maybe the Duke is a closet Bee....
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    Drone September Update: More Seats, More Colours, More Grass.

    It's starting to look fatastic, thanks again for all your effort Mr Drone. I assume the reason for putting the pitch down at this point is for testing all the systems prior to the stadium opening. It would be good to hear from some turf experts concerning the rumour Mr Drone had heard as to why...
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    New Stadium: Seats Going In. World Exclusive Pic

    Apparently so, chairs are less fickle than your average Super Bees supporter
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    Drone Update: August 2019 Seats, Roof, Grass etc:

    I think I am write in saying that the South, East and West stands all have lifts within them, presumably to provide wheelchair access to the wheelchair areas that are higher up. I guess these can be used by anyone else who is still walking but has trouble with stairs, e.g. someone with sticks or...
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    Drone Update: August 2019 Seats, Roof, Grass etc:

    Brilliant update M Drone, thanks for your hard work and all those who have supported you. Hopefully the first team can chip in with a few goals fairly soon and make us all super happy
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    New Stadium: Seats Going In. World Exclusive Pic

    The cladding is starting to go up on the back of the North stand. Does anyone know when the initial supporting developments are supposed to complete? I assume the builds in front of the South stand should/need have completed externally before the stadium opens?
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