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  1. Jam Jar

    FT: Millwall 1 - 0 Bees

    Tall order we have not beaten a good side since Villa on boxing day. Hoping with three home games coming up this can change
  2. Jam Jar

    Bit of fun - remaining fixtures this season

    Next 5 games against teams in top 11. Crunch games. Ideally need at least 10 points from those to maintain hopes.
  3. Jam Jar

    Ipswich v Bees Reports and Reaction

    If we lose our next three league games which are tougher on paper than our first four our record will read played 7 won 0 drawn 1 lost 6. Most managers would be fired for a start like that. Personally 10 games is an indicator of where our season may end up so if we are bottom 3 then I'm...
  4. Jam Jar

    Ipswich Town 2-0 Brentford (Full Time)

    Same old story. All the opposition needs a shot on target and it pretty much goes in
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