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    Does anyone know when GP is Demolished

    Isn't the overall demolition supposed to be phased with retention of some of the Braemar Road buildings used for site offices and storage whilst the rest of the site is developed?
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    Remember where you were the day the Bees went top.

    Well it might work, I still think Birdy 67 is going to have to consider self flagellation in the front garden at half time if its all turned to sh!t
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    Remember where you were the day the Bees went top.

    Lets all pray the football karma gods aren't watching
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    Bring back the castle badge

    I like the current badge it obviously emphasis our nickname unlike tha castle badge, which seemed to have no apparent connection. I also thought the castle badge was quite boring compared with other clubs at the time, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Regarding the swords on the crest...
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    Asahi Become Stadium Partners

    It would be nice if they could do a limited supply of cask per stand per game, maybe start with one cask (72 pints) of ESB in the West Stand (i can't think why I suggested that one) and its there until its gone. Unfortunately not a theory you can test until we are back to near full capacity.
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    A Giant Bee to match Spurs Cockerel

    How many legs would this bee have?
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    Griffin Park - What happens now?

    Its not actually an idea that someone has had, its a result of the current circumstances that we have no control over?
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    Griffin Park - What happens now?

    What sort of infrastructure does a football club have that needs to be gradually and safely decommissioned?
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    I hope you get promoted.

    What actually is the basis of Wigans appeal, are they suggesting the points deduction should be less? Well done Barnsley, hopefully we will manage to raise our game again for the playoffs.
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    What are our Chances now?

    Thats the same for every other team that might be involved. Who knows maybe WBA get a player sent off in the first ten, its the Championship and anything can happen. We can at least all draw on the conditioning that decades (in most cases) of support for this wonderful club has given us for days...
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    Mbeumo Tests Positive for Coronavirus (Updated Title)

    Maybe he had time to Tweet with his feet up in self isolation...
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    Coronavirus: All Football Suspended

    Are you saying that more money is due to be spread down through the leagues from 20/21, or are you assuming that it will due to more games being televised? I can't see more money coming in from the current owners of the TV rights unless they are contractually obliged to.
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    Behind Closed Doors - How Can We Get an Edge at GP?

    The South Koreans had the answer back in 2014
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    Coronavirus: Update from the Club

    As I said the information was passed on second hand but from someone in the industry, I have no working knowledge of the industry myself and the source may have been prone to melancholy thoughts, I guess we will have to wait and see.
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    Coronavirus: Update from the Club

    This is purely anecdotal and I heard this second hand from someone in the industry, but apparently the insurance industry, as a whole, is totally screwed by this crisis and simply won't be able to pay out on the vast number of claims made; i.e. the insurance companies will have to file for...
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    Coronavirus: All Football Suspended

    I thought that idea was for EPL only and didn't include the EFL? Has it been expanded?
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Football (etc.)

    The transport system will no doubt be classified as an essential service to enable other essential services to run, they may start restricting access to it, to essential travellers and consequently reduce the number of services. All speculation on my part. In the cold light of reality football...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Football (etc.)

    If they are threatened with the possibility of losing their license, as some are speculating, then it's highly doubtful any will show matches
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