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  1. Jam Jar

    Expectations for Season 20/21

    I have a feeling it might take more than 74 points to make the playoffs. I guess limping in there releases the pressure a bit. Recall the season where we lost to Crewe in the PO final we pretty much limped into the playoffs but put in a grand set of performances to see of Bristol City
  2. Jam Jar

    Expectations for Season 20/21

    Ideal scenario is 3 points behind Watford going into the Watford game with Swansea also level on points with us, meaning a Bees and Swansea win takes it into final day scenario where Watford vs Swansea becomes a bloodbath and we need beat a Bristol City team with nothing to play for. Experience...
  3. Jam Jar

    Nothing Lasts Forever

    We need to stick it to Barnsley as they wrecked our dreams last season. Voted Coventry.
  4. Jam Jar

    Results in the Championship

    Bournemouth's atonishing slump continues.
  5. Jam Jar

    Expectations for Season 20/21

    I think beautiful as though the new stadium is, our results at home might cost us making the play-offs. I hope I am wrong. I don't what history suggests but my gut feeling tells me that sides that move into a new stadium tend to struggle for a few years and we were pretty strong at Griffin Park...
  6. Jam Jar

    Worst You've Felt About Losing A Player

    Nicky Forster. Think we would have gone up had we kept him
  7. Jam Jar

    Players That You Would Have back Since We've Been In The Championship

    Gary Blissett. Scored 29 goals at the equivalent level years ago.
  8. Jam Jar

    Self generated Crises

    A crisis would be something like losing 8 out of your last 10 games. We had one last season. TF was probably 1 game from the sack until we won the home game against Bolton. Hoping it doesn't come to a similar situation where he needs to win in order to save his job. No crisis yet but a home loss...
  9. Jam Jar

    Next SIX Games: How Many Points?

    With the way we are playing we will do well to get 4 points. If we haven't won by the time Bolton visit and we lose that game then this place will melt down.
  10. Jam Jar

    Brentford's Next Management Team?

    Wenger is available. A fresh challenge at an up and coming club.
  11. Jam Jar

    Your Child's First Brentford Match

    Great thread. My sons first Bees game interestingly was an away game, at St Mary's to witness a brilliant 2-0 win at Southampton. Son was 5 then. Then a gap as football was not his thing but then took him to see the 2-1 win at Griffin park against Fulham with Jota getting the winner. A...
  12. Jam Jar

    Ticketing Issues v Leeds: New Road STHs Seats Resold

    Could be. I was a recipient of the schools ticket. Took my boy and we had a great time. I did see plenty of confusion near where I was sat so something has gone wrong.
  13. Jam Jar

    Family Day: Mon 31st July 2017

    Dissapointed to hear the timing. Will be on holiday then.
  14. Jam Jar

    BFC Family Day

    Huge shame, the kiddies always enjoy going to stand on the hallowed turf.
  15. Jam Jar

    Away Kit 2010-2011 Choices

    Option 3.
  16. Jam Jar

    Will we go up?

    I wonder what position we were in the league in past seasons when we've narrowly missed out on promotion. I am not counting any chicken and were likely to drop points in the next 3 home games.
  17. Jam Jar

    Will we stay up?

    We seem to have performed poorly in crunch six-pointer situations. Bradford City is another one. We lose that one than I see no way back.
  18. Jam Jar

    Wirrall FC

    Mike Bassett : Manager Did anyone watch this last Thursday on ITV ? Spin-off from the Mike Bassett : England manager movie ? Pitch, ground look very much like Griffin Park ? Anyone care to confirm ?
  19. Jam Jar

    Where will the Bees finish in 2004/5......and who do you see as promotion candidates.

    I'd say Tranmere will get promotion. If Sheffied Wednesday sack Turner and bring in some one decent they have the potential to go back up. Port Vale's hopes depend on whether they can keep McPhee who I believe is out of contract. Early Prediction 1st - Tranmere 2nd - Sheffield Wednesday...
  20. Jam Jar

    Forecourt Demo threads (merged)

    No consolation to us Bees fans but Wally will never ever get a job again as a football manager in the nationwide leagues or the conference. I wouldn't even hire him to wipe my arse.
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