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  1. Jam Jar

    Pubs near Brentford F.C

    Mentioned this before - taking seven work colleagues to watch Brentford - Cheltenham. Someone recommended the Griffin pub as decent place to drink - is there a pub/bar a bit further away from the ground that won't be as packed near kick-off time that anyone can recommend. Any info much...
  2. Jam Jar

    Brentford vs Cheltenham

    I'm taking some work colleagues to Griffin Park to watch the Brentford - Cheltenham match on April 5th. Just want recommendations on a decent pub around the ground. Any suggestions ?
  3. Jam Jar

    How many points will Brentford end up with ?

    After failing to beat Mansfield, Stockport and Colchester at home I have a real feeling of forboding about the remaining games.
  4. Jam Jar

    Relegation cut-off

    Should we be concerned, last nights results didn't exactly help, we are only 3 points ahead of the team who are 1 off the relegation zone. Somehow even 52 points might not be enough this season.
  5. Jam Jar

    Powell's red card

    I hope this means he doesn't miss Cardiff. Unsure of the rules of sending offs in cup competitions ?
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