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  1. Jam Jar

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    I would always say with Newcastle and their fans complaining about the way their club is run. Be careful what you wish for. Sunderland are an absolute disaster, big fan base but so badly mismanaged by the their top brass and yet they also had good success in the top flight years ago.
  2. Jam Jar

    Diego Maradona

    On the pitch - the greatest footballer of all time. A very troubled soul off the pitch. Surprised he survived so long.
  3. Jam Jar

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Frank Clark did a pretty good job there. Got them promoted in his 1st season and then finished 3rd in the PL with Collymore and Roy scoring the goals. Think he lasted at least 3 seasons. Probably their second best manager of all time lol
  4. Jam Jar

    The Run-In: Other Clubs

    Think West Brom won't be caught if they win on Saturday. Can't see them dropping points against Udders and QPHa
  5. Jam Jar

    The Run-In: Other Clubs

    Can't see Derby getting anything out of it. Rooney is a shining example though tracked back well to put in a last ditch tackle
  6. Jam Jar

    The Run-In: Other Clubs

    Forest are a superb anti football side. Dire to watch but effective. Like Karanka and his Boro side. Will not be fun to face them
  7. Jam Jar


    Superb episode. Especially when Lineker admitted he had shat himself during a game.
  8. Jam Jar

    Managerial Moves 2019/2020

    Woodgate must be close. And a Wembley Stadium hammering might force Villas hand
  9. Jam Jar

    Changing allegiances...

    My dad supported Manchester United (fair enough he lived there before I was born) so to spite him I choose Liverpool. This was back in the 1980's - proper glory hunter. But when Holdsworth started banging the goals in I started falling in love with Brentford and have not looked back since. I now...
  10. Jam Jar

    Bobby Madley

    A tough story. We all make mistakes in our lives. Whilst some may not have sympathy I feel sorry for what he has had to go through and good one him for trying to make amends. We are all human.
  11. Jam Jar

    England v Kosovo

    Echoes of San Marino. Literally 37 seconds
  12. Jam Jar

    England v Pakistan ODI Series

    Think England need to not get complacent. Pakistan are a garbage side, their bowlers have aged since the Champions Trophy success. Shaheen and Hasnain might show promise in the future but the tournament is probably early for them. I think they've lost 20 out of last 23 ODI game. Stiffer tasks ahead
  13. Jam Jar

    Managerial Thread 2018 / 2019

    Chris Hughton must be on borrowed time. Don't see him being at Brighton next season.
  14. Jam Jar

    England's Cricket Tour in the West Indies 2019

    Good on Root. Mature comments. The backwards attitudes are more a cultural thing, parts of the world like the Caribbean and Sub Continent there is less tolerance. This is highlight in the cricket world alone where we've seen Sarfraz Ahmed (Pakistan), KL Rahul and Hardik Pandiya (India) and now...
  15. Jam Jar

    Super Bowl LIII Prediction Game

    To be honest we've been spoiled by superb contests in the last few years so We were due a turkey
  16. Jam Jar

    Super Bowl LIII Prediction Game

    1) First TD scorer – CJ Anderson 2) First play of 20 yards or more – Robert Woods 3) First player to record a sack - Kyle Van Noy 4) Which of these will occur first - d) 5) Number of players with at least one reception – 14 - exactly one reception – Josh Reynolds 6) Total number of...
  17. Jam Jar

    England's Cricket Tour in the West Indies 2019

    England team is being outplayed. That pitch is a minefield but the bowling is too short.
  18. Jam Jar

    Non-Bees matches you've attended - 2018/19

    On a weekend break to Paris thought I'd see Nemyar and Co at Parcs des Princes. Psg won 3-0 against Caen. Tickets cost around 60 euros. Decent view and a cracking atmosphere lots of ultras making noise. An enjoyable experience.
  19. Jam Jar

    Super Bowl LII Prediction Game

    What a game. Lots of talking points. Great credit to Foles and Pederson for a stellar effort. I wonder where Foles ends up next season. And what on earth is the story behind malcolm butler?
  20. Jam Jar

    Super Bowl LII Prediction Game

    1) The colour of Michele Tafoya’s jacket/coat? Purple 2) The pattern of Cris Collinsworth’s tie? b) striped 3) First TD scorer - (receiver or runner’s name, or team name for Def/ST TD)? Dion Lewis 4) First offensive play of 20 yards or more - (receiver or runner)? (No points for...
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