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    Local Teams

    Just out of interest... How many of you support a local team as well as Brentford? I.E Conference / Conference South etc. I do all the home games with my season ticket and many aways but sometimes too busy to do the aways and dedicate my whole weekend to an away 400 miles up north. As much...
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    Pubs showing Brentford games! ( Iver area )

    Hi, Do you know of any pubs around Iver ( I.E Uxbridge/Slough etc) showing the Brentford game this evening? Can't imagine likely with champs league! Cannot make it to Swansea and no longer have Sky Sports ( I.E No Red Button ) Thanks,
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    Hi, Parking is getting more and more difficult at GP on match day. Has anyone got a list of the roads which can be parked on and are not in the now extended controlled zone. Or any good car parks nearby. Boring thread I know! Thanks.
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    Job Vacancies

    Not really a big user of GPG anymore, but wondering if anyone is recruiting. I'm currently working for a vehicle finance & fleet management provider in a B2B rental sales position. Various positions would be considered, thank-you in advance...:)
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    Big Reunion Tickets x2 - UK Biggest Indoor Music Festival RRP £175 - £100 each

    The Big Reunion Tickets x2 - The UK's Biggest Indoor Winter Music Festival Weekend Two: Friday 25th November – Sunday 27th November 2016 Your ticket includes 2 nights standard room only accommodation and festival wristband that gives you access to all of the arenas and day time...
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    Thoughts on our ticket prices?

    Football is always meant to be the working mans game, let's not forget that. Just wondering people's views on our ticket prices nowadays? We're playing some blinding football at the moment fair enough, and hopefully on our way to the Championship! (Don't speak too soon) but to me personally our...
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    Retro shirts.

    Looking for a retro shirt, if anyone's selling one or knows of anyone selling such items can you let me know please. Thanks.
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    Will Simon Moore be getting a move to a Premier League Club this summer?

    Well, Simon Moore talented young goalkeeper with plenty of potential, as we all know far too well. However constantly hearing transfer speculation regarding him and even hearing of Chelsea and Manchester United being interested now? As a talented young goalkeeper he'll want to get on in his...
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    Pubs in the Slough area for us Brentford lot tomorrow.

    Unfortunately as much as I want to be down at Griffin Park tomorrow. I just won't make it, so making the best of it and going down the pub with the boys. Anyone know of any pubs in the Slough/Windsor area showing the game tomorrow?
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    Job Vacancies

    Was just wondering whether you fellow bees knew of any decent jobs in the Slough area or West London/Middlesex. I'm an 18 year old with experience in retail and hospitality, was wondering if any trainee jobs or such like going in any sectors? Thanks for all your help lads
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