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  1. BFC1997

    Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw

    Not again.
  2. BFC1997

    Alan McCormack

    Signed for Southend United.
  3. BFC1997

    Reports and Reaction Southampton 0-2 Brentford

    A more interesting game that the first round. Circumstances meant that we picked a team that was both competitive against a PL first XI but that also included players we wanted to see more of; Sorensen, Goode, Thompson, Baptiste, Forss. The team performance was strong and probably the...
  4. BFC1997

    How to Watch SOUTHAMPTON (A) Online

    The club should be making this FOC. Even if it costs them money.
  5. BFC1997

    Outgoing Speculation David Raya

    This guy has got lots of followers:
  6. BFC1997

    Antony No Longer Working at Brentford FC

    Pathetic that he hasn’t been kept on the staff.
  7. BFC1997

    Club Statement on Racist Video

    I've not seen the video. Didn't know there was one in circulation. Clearly been dealt with quickly.
  8. BFC1997

    Premier League/Championship quality gulf

    The three promoted teams played Liverpool, Arsenal and Leicester. 🤷‍♂️
  9. BFC1997

    Luke Daniels - Signs to June 2021 (+1yr option)

    He’s not at Raya’s level but criticism is unwarranted. Daniels doesn’t ever let us down. He wasn’t the reason we lost today. He is solid Championship quality keeper and would be a truly excellent signing for any team: 1. Looking to get promotion from League One 2. Looking to survive in the...
  10. BFC1997

    Rumour Dillon Phillips (Charlton GK)

    If we get Phillips in, I’ll be more relaxed about the prospect of Raya leaving. Would still leave us weaker, though, IMO.
  11. BFC1997

    Birmingham 1-0 Brentford: Match Reports

    Went in a way that you’d expect. We had the ball, created the better chances from open play. They defended well, took a few yellow cards and got their goal from a set piece. In truth I’m not too annoyed with the performance. We hit the woodwork multiple times, had a couple of big penalty...
  12. BFC1997

    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    Etheridge signed yesterday and is on the bench.
  13. BFC1997

    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    Yes, Frank has said this to Sky.
  14. BFC1997

    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    Whether they play us now or in November we still won’t have Benrahma and we still might miss players through injury. Can’t see it makes a difference?
  15. BFC1997

    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    Birmingham are starting Jeacock in goal. He is 19 and this is his first ever senior appearance. Hopefully we can take advantage of this. Pedersen, Dean, Friend, Clayton, Sunjic, Jutkiewicz, all taking instruction from Karanka. Our players need to be up for a fight for sure.
  16. BFC1997

    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    He started vs Oxford, so must be fit unless he’s has a setback.
  17. BFC1997

    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    Zamburek preferred on the bench to Baptiste.
  18. BFC1997

    Welcome to the New Grapevine

    And now it’s back! (y)
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