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    Possible match - Old Greenfordians XI v GPG XI - 11th May

    Gents (I use that word very loosely) The boss of my Sunday League side - from which me & Wibs are virtually retired - has suggested a match. The Old Greenfordians side would probably be a mix of old and current players. Whereas for the GPG, old and current would be referring to the same blokes...
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    U21 Euro Championships - Sweden

    I'm thinking of going to this with a mate, in June. Does anyone have any general advice for following England abroad, including ticketing? Similarly, does anyone have any recommendations - in respect of Gothenburg & Halmstad - for flights, accomodation, pubs etc? Cheers.
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    Phil Holder

    I've had an email from a chap trying to trace his whereabouts, does anyone know what he's up to these days?
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    Accy: what did you do after the postponement?

    Several went to Ewood but what about everyone else? 5 of us went to watch lower league egg-chasing: Preston Grasshoppers v Harrogate. Spent more time chatting to supporters than actually watching the game. Made a pleasant change to be able to drink beer by the pitch. One supporter gave one of...
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    Longer half-time = more money for BFC?

    Taken from Ananova. This would only work at GP if we changed suppliers! "Hard-up German football clubs have asked FIFA to extend half time by five minutes so they can sell more beer and sausages. The Bundesliga want the current 15 minutes of half-time pumped up to 20, saying it will allow...
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    Good old Chelsea

    Taken from Teamlies. "Scarborough have been handed a further £25,000 to help fund their youth academy by FA Cup opponents Chelsea. The Nationwide Conference side already stand to make close to £500,000 from their televised fourth-round clash at The McCain Stadium. Now Chelsea's Russian...
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