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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    There’s such harmony in the team....the players are fully behind TF’s philosophy and game plan even when they’re rotated....and as mentioned before the way the new players that have come in have blended in and have improved as players, all credit has to go to TF, Brian and King Kev...
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    Ethan Pinnock - Signs to June 2025

    He reminds me of the days when Darren Powell used to block everything! Ethan was class tonight! 👏
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    Alan Judge

    Delighted for him!!! Well done Alan!
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    Millwall - Home 21.3.15 - kick off 1pm

    I'll have to change my flights over :-((
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    Alan Judge - Signs until June 2017

    Stofer.....I was just about to post that link on here!!
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    FT: Bees 3 (Forshaw(p), Judge(2)) - 1 Notts Co

    Gills 3-2 up against Rotherham
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    Score Centre

    Crawley have won :-)
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    Score Centre

    3-2 wigan
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    Hi Tom, I think we might be going to The New Inn.....but that could all change!! I only got...

    Hi Tom, I think we might be going to The New Inn.....but that could all change!! I only got back from London last night - was tempted to stay for the Wolves game but the flights back on Sat evening were too expensive (Ire v Eng in Twickenham was to blame!). Shame about the Wolves...
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    Marcello Trotta - Signs on Loan till end of 2013/14

    He gave the keeper the eyes as if he was placing it to the keepers left.....then went the opposite way....!
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    Score Centre

    Nathalie will find it hard to keep the smile off her face!!!
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    All time Brentford Cult Heroes

    Has Ivor been mentioned? Didn't get a booking and played every game in 2001-02 season!
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    Score Centre

    Wigan 1-0 down already!!!
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    ********* Lionel Road: A Call to Arms **********

    Shane is geting hacked off with her
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    Today my "other team" will be.....

    Can't agree there with you Sheerwater ;-)
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    Starting the journey....

    Made my over from Dublin today....sinking pints down in Crystal Palace now....!!
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