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    Sergi Canós - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    I blame @gashbee for lighting a match and walking away 🤣
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    'The Press' - Have we been worked out?

    Footballs never as easy as one thing but IMO the high press is the main reason we lost against Barnsley and today. QPR more a fatigue (part mental) issue going into cruise mentality.
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    Sergi Canós - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    We’ve lost today because Robins has won the battle over Frank and the high press has made the whole team look a bit silly. Yeah Canos was poor but his individual performance has not lost us this match.
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    Sergi Canós - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Why? He’s been no worse than others today. At least he gives 100%.
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    Come on The Blades

    So many keyboard warriors on the GPG who need to get a grip. If this was a conversation in a pub (which is what the whole GPG is trying to replicate, is it not?) then 9/10 people would have engaged politely. Anyway.... @Stander I agree with you! Would really like them to stay up. They were...
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 0 - 0 Middlesbrough

    A game we typically lose 1-0. Usually it’s frustrating to watch, this time it was just boring. More points on the board though and as we know every single one helps!
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    Team vs Norwich

    Funny, but there are only 3 players in that line up that are not in their default position. And all three have played in those positions before. Maybe not Dalsgaard as a 1 of 2 CB.
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    Toney/Forss together up front?

    ‘The system’ doesn’t work against Stoke, Millwall, Bham etc... clearly we don’t have the players for 3 at the back either. Why not 4-4-2?
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    Kamohelo Mokotjo

    In departing it looks like the general has finally found a general consensus on the GPG: he never really let us down but equally was never really as good as we thought he could have been. Always sang his name to Cotten Eye Joe not sure who it was who suggested that but will always think of Kamo...
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window Forum

    Think it’s a great idea for the possible INS Not sure why the OUTS are needed though? If there’s a new bit of info about someone it’s better placed in that players normal thread is it not?
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    a quick word for TF for the swansea 2nd leg....

    In fairness to Voice would most people not have given Jensen and Mbuemo the lowest match ratings of the team in the first leg? No one is impervious to being dropped. It’s easy to say in hindsight they should always have started. Frank trusted his judgement and got it spot on!
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    Ollie Watkins -Signed for Aston Villa

    That’s all I need! 👍
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    Ollie Watkins -Signed for Aston Villa

    Three separate people at work have mentioned Watkins and an apparent 18mil release clause... can someone please put my mind at ease and tell me it’s clickbait bull sh*t??? One link here:
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    FT: Bees 3 (Watkins, Marcondes, Mbeumo) - 1 Swansea

    Rico assist stick that up your arse Keith
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    FT: Bees 3 (Watkins, Marcondes, Mbeumo) - 1 Swansea

    All out attack from the whistle please boys!!! Give GP the send off it deserves!
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    Watford and Bournemouth Considering Suing Hawkeye

    Ridiculous. The result has to stand. You can’t play the whole of the second half at 0-0. Draw the game. Then be told months later “btw you lost 1-0“
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    a quick word for TF for the swansea 2nd leg....

    The ‘Would Promotion really be a blessing’ thread set a new marker for what is an acceptable thread. Whilst that’s still open I can see how any other possible thread can be closed.
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    The Playoffs: Preview

    Good - we’re favourites!! Swans (3.8), Draw (3.4), Bees (2.0) 👍
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    Only Positive Comments Allowed

    This team is so much stronger and prepared for the Play Offs than last time round. We’ve now got a ‘near’ pointless game v Barnsley to get over missing out on Autos and get the mojo back ready for the first leg. COYB
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    The Run-In: Other Clubs

    Piss off you’re not wanted here.
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