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    Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday

    A few seasons ago when on the last day of the season, when Barnsley were relegated, Derby fans were signing "we'll never play you again". So I suspect there are a few clubs out there rooting for Rotherham.
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    Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday

    Cardiff may decide they would prefer not to play either SW or DC next season!
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    Team V Bristol City

    I guess we will find out what the people that really matter think in 24 hrs.
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    John Mousinho

    A hard worker, always gave it 100%. I liked him.
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    Team V Bristol City

    It is because the PO's are important that I would give minutes to players that will likely be used.
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    A visual validation of the Ref's note. Again, good protocol, avoids doubt.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    ....or what the media say
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    I think you are over complicating this. Sergi tells the ref. The ref makes a note. The ref also tells the fourth, who also makes a note. So when it comes to an investigation, the 4th can confirm that the ref noted the incident at the stated time and not at some future time or date, as that would...
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    Team V Bristol City

    Given that we cannot guarantee anything beyond playoff semis, I would aim for as much glory as possible now. ie 87 points and Toney to start and hopefully get a goal and an assist as a minimum .... this is not just about his records but also for the fans ... if we don't go up we can at least...
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    Today my "other team" will be.....

    👍If we don't go up, I would rather not play Derby or SW next season. Can't see them getting worse than they have been this season. Also I quite like Paul Warne.
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    Play-off Tickets

    On the main site, go into Tickets and login. You will see it there.
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    Racist Abuse on Social Media.

    For what its worth. I have deleted all social media apps from my phone for the weekend. I can get all the info I need from the OS, Bbc website etc.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Would Exeter be due anything on a second move? If anything does happen, let's hope we squeeze all the add-ons out of Villa first.
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    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    BBC headline: Boss Xisco Munoz 'changed Watford mood', I wonder where he will go when Watford fire him next Nov?
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    Team v Rotherham United

    When he was about to be subbed, he indicated to the bench that his head was in the right place. I think he is an intelligent enough person that knows his limits ... probably more so than PJ. BTW only 2 reds in the last 4 seasons.
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    Team v Rotherham United

    i seem to remember Ollie W played pretty much every min of last season, so if IT is up for it, why not!
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    Team v Rotherham United

    As Rotherham are still in a relegation battle, we owe it to the other teams to put out a full strength side. If we had got to the last game of the season and still had a shout at automatic promotion, we would expect Swansea to give it a go against Watford. we can experiment or rest players...
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    Play Off Hoodoo

    Hope Toney is giving penalty taking lessons to the rest of the squad!
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    Team v Bournemouth

    I would stick with the current formation. Tuesday was the most positive I've seen us in a while... though still not attack minded enough. Controversial but ... Janelt does not seem to impact the game enough for me. I would play Jensen deeper and push Janelt further up or replace him with...
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    Play Off Hoodoo

    I suspect Raya would back himself to take a penalty.
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