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    Do we 'scout' referees?

    OK, might sound daft, but it seemed like Stoke knew exactly how to play it with Mr Woolmer. Any sort of challenge with any physicality and go down like you've been shot by a sniper. Of course that's nothing new, but not all refs fall for that guff, and on a different day, with a different...
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    Brentford FC Pin Badges

    I've just set out on a journey to build a collection of Brentford badges. (Yes, I'm that age but can't afford a sports car). I know there are some great old vintage badges out there but Brentford being Brentford they seem fairly hard to come by. If anyone has any badges you're looking to sell...
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    Mark Warburton

    Looks like it's going a bit sour for the special one.
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    Social Media and Brentford fans

    Why does it seem compulsory for Brentford fans to be so constantly negative about the club on Social Media? Rational, criticism with explanation is one thing, but why all the groundless petty snipes and cowardly digs? FFS, get behind your club and have some PMA.
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    The Pitch 2015/16 : Pitchgate

    Some concern about the pitch readiness at the Stoke friendly today. Beesplayer saying Nick Baldwin was concerned it needed a couple more weeks to bed in.
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    Will we make the play-offs?

    7 games to go, 1point outside the playoffs in 7th. Simple question, will we make the play-offs. Yes or no?
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    Did you leave the Charlton match early?

    just interested in a show of hands. And what happened with the Stewards?
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    1985 Freight Rover Trophy final -pre-match exhibition

    Anyone recall who played in the pre-final exhibition game? I was young but think I recall Geoff Hurst, Peter Bonnetti and George Best. Anyone fill in the blanks?
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    The ones who got away

    So we all saw Lewis Grabban go for big bucks and Stephen Hunt too a few years ago. But who else would be on your list of the ones who didn't really make it at GP but went on to bigger things?
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    January Transfer Window - Non Bees

    Is it going to be a busy one? Got a feeling Austin will be off from that lot up the road. And if Liverpool pay £20m plus for Berahino, it just goes to show how badly run they really are.
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    Memories of Griffin Park

    Apologies. Duplicate thread. Dangers of starting a new thread on your mobile!
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    Team v MK

    Noticed there is no thread for this, probably because it picks itself. As is, but with Grigg making way for Sav is my vote. :sorted:
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    Wolves v Brentford

    Hoping to make this one. Reckon we'll take a pretty good away support. Say cooeeee if your going.
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    Team v Bristol City

    Button (happier with Lee but for consistency) Logan Dean Craig Bidwell Forshaw Douglas McCormack Harris Donaldson FEA Really not sure about the strikers. Grigg on paper but not form. Trotta? Enough said, so go with FEA to be supplied by Harris. Also see Saunders playing a part off the branch...
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    Have you supported the Lionel Road planning application?

    Okay, time to get off our hands and get typing :bound:. All the information you need is here: A massive show of support from Brentford fans and the wider community can play a key role in this proposal Your Club Needs You :sorted:
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    7 key players

    Keeping the backbone of the side in tact for continuity is often mentioned as being the key to building a successful team. So, who make up the spine of our team? Who are the key 7? At the moment I'd say: Tony Craig. Reliable dependable solid, contracted. Harlee Dean. Young, talented...
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    Team vs Sheffield United

    Moore Logan Dean Craig Bidwell Saunders Adeyemi Forshaw Forrester Donaldson BWP Gounet Trotta Reeves Hodson Diagouraga O'Connor El Alagui Assuming JD is not fit of course.
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    Anyone else a bit pissed off at the West Ham Olympic Stadium deal?

    Just seems like they've pulled off the deal of the century at the expense of the taxpayer.
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    Too many loans?

    I really didn't expect to see us finishing the season with half of the players on the pitch not being ours. I actually think the balancing act to play certain loan players and keep within the permitted rules has had a detrimental affect on the squad in the last few matches. Think we might have...
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    Player of the Season 2011/12

    Hope this is the right place for this thread. Jonathan Douglas for me.
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