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  1. mundee4england

    Best XI

    I appreciate this day may be some way off but given the current squad, assuming all were fit and healthy, what would be you team and squad? I'd go for: -----------------------------Button-------------------------- Logan-------------Dean---------Craig----------Bidwell...
  2. mundee4england

    Team vs Doncaster

    For me this should pick itself but you never know with Uwe.... ---------------------Moore------------------ Logan-------Dean-----KoC------Bidwell Forshaw---Dougie--Adeyemi--Forrester --------------BWP--------Don-------------- Subs: Gounet, Hodson, Toumani, Reeves, Saunders, Trotta, FAE...
  3. mundee4england

    Team vs Stevenage

    Whilst we need some fight against a physical Stevenage side I would like to see us attack them as I thought they were poor at GP and three points are there for the taking! Assuming we are sticking with a 4-4-2 I think Uwe will go with: ----------------------Moore---------------------...
  4. mundee4england

    Team vs Southend (FA Cup 3rd Round - Replay)

    I would suggest this picks itself with Adeyemi injured and Kiernan unavailable.... ------------------------Moore------------------------ Logan---------Dean--------Craig--------Bidwell ---------------Douglas-----Toumani-------------- Clayton------------Forshaw-------------Forrester...
  5. mundee4england

    Bees v Colchester Reports and Reaction

    A strange game given the bright start, terrible conditions, sending offs and awful ref.... but a very good three points and three that in previous seasons we would not have got! We started very brightly and went up after Clayton did well to knock down and deep cross and Trotta, as is one of his...
  6. mundee4england

    Team vs MK Dons

    Whilst we seem to be having some challenges with injuries I wouldn't be surprised to see a full strength side on Saturday.... Maybe I'm being overly optimistic! --------------------Moore------------------ Logan-------Dean-----Craig------Bidwell Forshaw--Douglas--Toumani--Forrester...
  7. mundee4england

    Cheltenham CC1(H) Reports and Reactions

    Strong first half, shaky second half but still some good link up play at times. Thought Moore had a good game a Wood looked very strong again. Seemed to lose our 'drive' in the second half and their goal gave them momentum. A good win in the end and enough to suggest the newbies are finding...
  8. mundee4england

    Charlton v Bees Reports

    They were far better than us and deserved the win. The boys played well but we looked more threatening in the last 20 minutes with Mac on than we have all season. With Mac, Bean and Dickson back we will have a very strong team. Weston has to play on the left wing!!
  9. mundee4england

    Myles Weston,,10421~1710581,00.html Confirmed now.:cool: That was early, I reckon there may be another today. Bennett, pretty please!
  10. mundee4england

    Team vs Shrewsbury

    I can't see there being much debate on this one, same as Tuesday for me. Hamer Halls Bennett Phillips Dickson Newton Bean KoC Wood Mac Rhodes If it ain't broke!! Although if we are struggling early on I wouldn't mind seeing Halls and Newton switch.
  11. mundee4england

    Elder, Mac and Bowditch???

    When Elder, Mac and Bowditch are all fit and available what do people think will be the plan?? Although its early days I think Bowditch and Mac are too good to drop and we miss Elder's presence when he is out! I think AS will want to stick to the same formation which means either sticking one...
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