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  1. rebus

    Away kit at home

    So, Tuesday's game was the xxxxx SECOND time we've worn a third kit for a home match. What were the other occasions when we've turned out in our away kit at a home game? 1967-1968 Blue shirt, white shorts v Guildford City FAC 1980 v Addlestone FAC 1998-1999 Yellow shirt, Blue shorts v Camberley...
  2. rebus

    100 up! Brentford’s centenary as a Football League Club

    100 years ago today we were elected to the Football League. Have a read:
  3. rebus

    0-2 down to 3-2 up?

    That must be a Brentford record? Not seen us pull that score back with so little time remaining ?
  4. rebus

    Fastest goals conceded

    Today’s goal versus Barnsley was timed at 59 seconds but I seem to recall over the last five years we’ve shipped a few under a minute. So what’s the quickest goal Brentford have conceded?
  5. rebus

    1972/1973 away kit

    Just come across a photo of the corking away kit we wore in September 1972 v Notts County at Meadow Lane. Anyone know what colours were on that band and whether we wore that often? For you history buffs, that's Peter Gelson clearing one off the line.
  6. rebus

    Brentford (or other team) players that went to your school

    Okay, I’ll kick this off: Mark Fleming (Heston School). Former junior Chris Brady was a year older than me. Just to prove how good you have to be to make it as a professional, he was absolutely untouchable at school but struggled in our youth team. Any former Bees at your alma mater?
  7. rebus

    Moses Odubajo

    Sheffield Wednesday want to sign him.
  8. rebus

    2014 promotion medal stolen: reward for return

    Sadly, my house in Ilford was burgled last Monday. You may have seen some social media last week about a player's medal being swiped but that was in fact mine. We did that to attract more publicity but nothing as yet has come to light. When we got promoted in 2014, the club kindly asked the...
  9. rebus

    Property around Griffin Park

    The smart ones are buying already:
  10. rebus

    Swansea(A) FA Cup R5 17th Feb 4pm

    It’s a pain in the arse to get to but we can make history if we beat Swansea and make the quarter-finals for the first time in 30 years. The boys need your support so forget the tv coverage and get down there. No doubt there will be free coaches and let’s see if we can get car shares listed on...
  11. rebus

    Birmingham (A) Reports and Reactions

    Points to consider: TF is right. We would have lost that game last month so it’s a step in the right direction. The referee was a total homer. Some disgraceful home tackles went unpunished. They set out to let us have the ball and wait to pounce on our mistakes. What terrible tactics for a...
  12. rebus

    Arsenal (A) League Cup - Wednesday 26th September

    Felt good typing that title. :love: As a former Highbury resident and someone that works close to the stadium, here's a few pointers: All the pubs near the old Highbury Stadium on the Blackstock Road (Bank of Friendship, Gunners pub etc etc) are home fans only, as is the Tollington Arms on the...
  13. rebus

    Grayson Perry, Roch Maher, and the Bees

    I was unsure where to put this but I’ve just watched a deeply moving programme on channel 4 entitled Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage. It in part featured Brentford fan Roch Maher and his acceptance that Motor Nerone Disease will shortly end his life. Grayson was filmed attending a Brentford...
  14. rebus

    Southend United match reports and reaction

    Not a bad win in the end but we were made to work for it. Some really good finishes tonight out of the four we took. I went in the main stand as the view is so crap from the away end, and even the Southend fans around me applauded Said’s, and our third, goal. Our defending for their first left...
  15. rebus

    Part of clock-wise M25 blocked before Sheffield Wednesday game

    Looks a disaster in the making if you’re from Surrey or Sussex and want to use the M25 before Sunday’s game:
  16. rebus

    The price of admission: a history

    We're coming to the end of our tenure at Griffin Park and I'd thought it would be useful to track how much it cost to get in to the old place over the years. I've made a start via Google sheets but can anyone fill in the - substantial - gaps. The prices refer to the admission on matchday, not...
  17. rebus

    Stoke City match reports and reaction

    I’ll leave the more technical reports to the others but two points dropped is how far we’ve come. We were by far the better team on the day, no question about it. Their goal is the sort of mistake that will be the making of Mepham, I dare say his boss did the same back in the day. He let it...
  18. rebus

    Builder in East London

    Long shot on here but will try it: need some work done to a ground floor bathroom ASAP. Any recommendations welcome. Please PM.
  19. rebus

    Watch a bit of football history

    I’m not sure who the YouTube account called “theheavyroller” is, but if it’s someone on the GPG - thank you! Over the past 24 hours there’s been a handful of incredible clips uploaded, not least this one below from January 1955, Billy Dare signing from Brentford to West Ham live on TV!
  20. rebus

    It was 20 years ago today...

    That Ron Noades bought Brentford FC from David W£BB for £650,000. At least we found out what his version of “funding the club” was. Your thoughts and memories, ladies and gents.
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