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  1. MRCK2008

    Leyton Orient - JPT Round 3

    Big night Tuesday seeing as how poor we have been so far this season!! How many will we bring? Where is the ticket information? What team will Scott play? Will Lee play? Come on you bees!!!
  2. MRCK2008

    Good Luck Darlington - Really Good Fans

    Was it just me or did everyone think that the darlington fans were a real credit to their club. All through the game there was friendly banter however when the game finished many stayed and watched us celebrate and were applauding us. Also outside the ground they were congrulating everyone and...
  3. MRCK2008

    Bradford Transport

    Bees Fans, I have two places left in a car going to Bradford and will be charging very reasonable prices. Leaving from Ealing around 9am. Interested people message me asap or post on the forum!! Chris
  4. MRCK2008

    Friday 23rd January - Maccelsfield Next Day Away

    Dear Bees Fans, My name is Chris Kennedy and I am the Promotions Manager for a new and exclusive venue in Manchester called Golftorium!! It is with much delight that I invite Brentford supporters to our launch night on Friday 23rd January 2009. The night will run from 5pm-2am and will be a...
  5. MRCK2008

    Fancy Dress at Stockport?

    I don't know how many are going to the Stockport game but if you are is any one up for fancy dress? It will be entertaining for everyone and would be a fun way to end the season!! What does everyone think? MRCK2008
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