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  1. Boston Bee

    Who do you want/fear?

    With two left to play, Bournemouth, Swansea, Barnsley all on 77 points. What are your thoughts on who you'd like/dread to see first?
  2. Boston Bee

    USA: New England

    Moved to Maine in USA in 2012, hopefully to be back before Susan opens.
  3. Boston Bee

    Brentford v Portsmouth

    Isn't true that Portsmouth's last trip to Wembley was losing to us in the War Cup? Something to mention in the next few weeks perhaps. :sorted:
  4. Boston Bee

    Beckham staying in Spain?

    An exciting solution for everyone (well...maybe except for all those new 'Galaxy' season ticket holders): Suddenly realising that perhaps they made a terrible mistake in not offering him a lucrative new deal, Real Madrid president Roman Calderon says the club "are now going to make an effort"...
  5. Boston Bee

    Brentford Football Club 1936

    Not sure if this has ever been posted on the GPG before. It is a simply amazing view of our Division 1 squad from 1936-37. Included are superb views of old Griffin Park (Royal Oak stand, etc).
  6. Boston Bee

    Beesworld Commentary v Blackpool

    I'm sorry to be a ****-stirrer but, as you do, I went to see what the other side's opinion on the match were. And get this: complain to brentford etc etc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Their commentry team yesterday racially abused Marc...
  7. Boston Bee

    GPG Player Kit Sponsorship 2006/7

    How soon before we start this discussion; start at least the pledge drive so that the GPG gets their man? I'm in for £15 (but keeping powder dry on who we sponsor until things become clearer).
  8. Boston Bee

    USA, that world power of football

    The new farcical world rankings from the FIFA. Was the ranking change based partly on the US getting beat up by an England reserve side in June?,2548,All-Jul-2005,00.html
  9. Boston Bee

    Next season's attendances

    Was wondering what was being done to promote ticket sales this season. Are schedules being produced for distribution in the community? Flyers and information going out to lapsed fans still in the database? Posters of the schedule created for posting in shop windows? With the new squad and...
  10. Boston Bee

    Satellite image of GP

    Google is trying to get the whole world mapped, with satellite images and they've just put up images from England. Go to and type in some combination of: london tw8, braemer Road, griffin park, Brentford football club Can't see anything to the West but think our new home...
  11. Boston Bee

    The Yanks are coming

    Glazer as thin edge of the wedge. And, so that no one misinterprets: These guys will come to make money and will shed few tears about asset stripping. HUNT MAY CONSIDER...
  12. Boston Bee

    Just like watching QPR
  13. Boston Bee

    Eddie in WSC

    Can't find it, but sure I'm repeating someone else's thread. :cry: Did anyone notice the letters page in When Saturday Comes this month? One letter concerned the lack of non-Prem goals being shown by the BBC, and how poor the coverage was generally. First there was the mention of Brentford...
  14. Boston Bee

    Saturday's attendance

    After looking at the predictions thread I can't help worrying about our dismal attendances. No one predicts 6000. We're a decent attacking side with a real energy about the place, so if it's a decent day Saturday and we only draw 5200 what will be the excuse this time?? There is no real...
  15. Boston Bee


    Ok bad enough we lose. But Notts getting a point from Plymouth, Peterboro and Stockport both winning? Horrible. Bury, Cheltenham, Kidderminster, Rochdale, Boston, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, etc. Never wanted to go (go back) to these places. :cry:
  16. Boston Bee

    Let's all laugh at Turkey

    They will not be missed this summer. :bound:
  17. Boston Bee

    Total ****er

    From today's Guardian: "Graham Kavanagh sadly had little chance in his first international since 1999. He went off after 10 minutes following a bad tackle by Queens Park Rangers' Marc Bircham." 1) He's Canadian?!? 2) Some day this dirty, violent **** will get it in return and it can't be too...
  18. Boston Bee


    Don't know how to post the link, so here is a thread from Beesotted (in no way hilariously) titled Aplogoy: ------------------------------------------- MarkBircham Posted on 13/11 20:37 Email this Message | Edit | Reply Aplogoy...
  19. Boston Bee

    Ferdinand getting the book thrown at him

    Amazing. He tested clean and yet he's going DOWN. No football for Rio until mid January. Part of me is loving it, as a paid up ABU but couldn't they pick someone actually guilty to make an example of? The world gone mad...
  20. Boston Bee

    Litany of "got aways"

    Playing the Observer puzzle game, "what links": Neil Clements Steve Sidwell Paul Evans Carl Asaba Jason Price Ben Burgess Lloyd Owusu
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